If it is the final season, if there are no more Diamond Dogs, then Ted Lasso season 3 has some work to do in completing it’s narrative.

Do Tell Ricky Bell

Flesh out and finish the story. Whether mental health, parental abuse, sports, sex, relationships, or family, behind the comedy, there is importance and drama.

Ted's mental status should feature heavily. He deals with panic attacks, loneliness, and depression.

What’s going to happen with AFC Richmond Here’s hoping season 3 deals with the team of Sam, Jamie, Dani, and others succeeding and rivalries being won.

Nate's heel turn in Season 2 caused so many questions about the James Bond-level villain that is Nate Shelley.

Nate the Great?

Characters we love doing lovely things. These relationships/ groups make Ted Lasso… well, Ted Lasso. Relationships are in everyone’s lives. Good or Bad.

Diamond Dogs

If season 3 is the finale season and this is the last we see of AFC Richmond and co. I hope every episode matters. Send the characters off on a high note. Make us believe. As Ted says, “I believe in Hope.”

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