Here, we combine physics fun with entertainment and dive into a verse where anything you can imagine exists. We are the makers of our own multiverse and need sole dominion over its care.

In my multiverse…

There are beloved characters and worlds only alive in my imagination. They form as fluctuations occur and gather like soap bubbles where universes shall never meet.

In most of these situations, there are those that help and those that need help. How they help or why may be in question. However, they entertain us with their failures as much as their successes.

No Multiverse is Perfect

I am picky about what I add to my Multiverse. Empathy can be overwhelming; burnout is real. Finding my balance has been fun if not scary, sometimes. Nothing wrong with that!

There are aspects of the Doctor and their blue box that make me scream! I have to remember the character isn’t perfect yet still striving to leave their universe better than they found it while learning along the way.

Not My Multiverse

It has its ups and downs, smattering new things occasionally. While maybe not always the biggest fan of a particular writer, I can fully branch that into another Multiverse.

Life is complicated

My chosen multiverse reminds me that real life is complicated, but my goals don’t have to be as long as I try to leave things better than I found them.

Sometimes better is sweeping in at the last moment to save the day, others are understanding that good enough is enough right now.

This is true whether you prefer to ground your multiverse firmly in this world or one you’ve cultivated. We are all stories, in the end, so make it a good one.