The duel between Ben and Vader is no longer believable. Let’s dive deep into how this came to be and what this duel needs to fit into the continuity again. Part 4/4

Justin Vader

The release of Rogue One showed us our worst fears of Darth Vader’s raw power. We see him massacre rebels, break necks for fun…

The Dark Lord

Master Kenobi

We also get a look at Obi-Wan before their fateful final duel. We see that this is an Obi-Wan who had cut himself off from the force and forsaken the Jedi way.

Really? Are you serious?

In today’s era of Star Wars, I am expected to believe that this is how this fight went down? It simply defies all logic. Let's break this down for a moment:

Final Thoughts I know this duel plays out this way simply because A New Hope came out before the rest of Star Wars was even a thought. That being said, the Star Wars Continuity tries so hard to flow together.

In large part, it does an amazing job of doing so. The development of Vader and Obi-Wan is a great thing for Star Wars as a whole, but the more it happens, the more out of place this duel looks.

I appreciate the original trilogy for what it is but think Disney should be considering remaking this scene with some clever CGI work.

If this  YouTube clip can do such a remarkable job at creating the passion that should have been in this scene, I am sure that Disney could pull it off.

Lined Circle

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