We’re All Stories in the End – Multiverse Theories

Aug 17, 2022

Everyone has a take on universal theories. Mine is a version of the multiverse theory. Multiverse theories have been around since ancient Greece and are popular in entertainment. Here, we combine them and dive into a fun verse where anything you can imagine exists. We each decide how to construct the aspects of our own multiverse. We are its makers and need sole dominion over its care. The Multiverse is real? TL;DR? Click through here.

It’s Real Enough for This bit of fun!

This theory is simply one of many. Sit back and relax. 

multiverse theories are like soap bubbles. There are too many to keep track.

In my multiverse lives a variety of beloved characters such as the Doctor, Hobbits, Arthur Dent, and even one with a cell-shaded He-Man. Some worlds have only ever lived in my imagination or the pages of my notebook. They form as fluctuations occur and gather like soap bubbles where ne’er a universe shall meet.

In most of these situations, there are those that help and those that need help. How they help or why may be in question. However, they are heroes of their own stories and entertain us with their failures as much as their successes. 

The good ones can bring out the best of us in our universe as we stumble through the mediocre and sometimes incredible aspects of daily life. What I pour into my brain will inevitably gush back again in my daily interactions. I attempt to curate responsibly. 

No Multiverse Theory is Perfect

I am picky about what I add to my Multiverse. Empathy for stories can be overwhelming; burnout is real. There is really no need to push past certain comfort barriers while others need to be confronted daily. Finding my balance has been fun if not a bit scary from time to time. Nothing wrong with a little fear.

There are aspects of the Doctor and their blue box that make me scream, “How is this your place!” However, I have to remember the character isn’t perfect yet still striving to leave their universe better than they found it while learning along the way. 

Currently, that universe is home to the Fugitive Doctor, who is on a road to answers in Jody Houser’s new story Doctor Who: Origins. Without too many expectations, I hope to see what catalyzes the First Doctor to steal a Tardis and run away. It is already building nicely and can see why this Gallifreyan may not be so happy with her coworkers. The good, little Time Lord is forced to face her own for seemingly the first time. The cognitive dissonance within her must be astounding.

Multiverse Theories vary by person. No two are truly the same. So, go wild with it! Dance to your own beat.
Multiverse Theories vary by person. No two are truly the same. So, go wild with it! Dance to your own beat.

Not My Multiverse

I used to get caught up in fandom theories and bandwagons until realizing there isn’t a way to win this game. We are all doing our best with what we have, and asking someone to read our innermost desires is a bit of a stretch. There’s no way to simulate a particular feeling reliably, and nostalgia is tricky. Changing my multiverse required a change in perspective. 

I now enjoy my Multiverse in its many ups and downs, with a smattering of new things thrown in as I have time. While maybe not always the biggest fan of a particular writer or director, I feel that is simply their take on “The Precious.” I can fully branch that into a different Multiverse. 

There is no way to enjoy every person’s interpretation of your favorite universe. Multiverses that I don’t enjoy, I’ve learned to ignore. Something existing doesn’t keep my multiverse from existing. I have felt the sting of disappointment when a theory didn’t pan out, or the ending isn’t what I hoped. As I look back, those were the situations where I went in with detailed expectations, which can never be truly fulfilled by a stranger.

Life is complicated

My chosen multiverse reminds me that real life is complicated, but my goals don’t have to be as long as I try to leave things better than I found them. While sometimes better means sweeping in at the last moment and saving the day, other times better is understanding that good enough is enough right now. This is true whether you prefer to ground your multiverse firmly in this world or one you’ve cultivated. We are all stories, in the end, so make it a good one.