This Week’s ComicsFix Find – “Hell Nebraska Volume 1” REVIEW

Feb 4, 2015

DIG027258_1Hell Nebraska (Volume 1)
Creator Owned

Written by: Shaun Manning
Art by: Anna Wieszczyk

Welcome to Hell. Nebraska that is. For a small town in Nebraska all was normal until it became Hell. A teacher in a small town experiences what we know as Hell, but there is no actual Hell. It is just another made up story to make people frightened of. What he does with the help of an eerie fiendish mask is to start his own Hell right in Nebraska. Who would notice? Who would care? He decides or should I say his mission is to find the worst of the prisoners and those whose guilt was beyond doubt.

ee9111aa9d827a98700af128c9dcbdc7That means going to prisons and finding the murderers, rapists, and molesters and condemning them to this fiery inferno in the middle of nowhere. Making them experience the creepy things that they dished out to their victims, that is until the Police and FBI figure out who he is and labels him the “Freak in the Mask”. We are also introduced to a high school student named David. Can David be the savior we are all looking for? David has had some very interesting things happening to him as well. What we get is a good vs. evil scenario. Or do we?

The art done by Anna Wieszczyk has a feel of a creepy anime to me, which fits this book perfectly. She really brings you into the story. The coloring is what you would expect from Hell, that being bright and vivid. You can feel the flames coming out of the book.

This comic was very interesting but short. Ninety six pages total. That is not knocking it at all. Within those ninety six pages I was captivated and it made me think. That to me makes a good comic. When I saw the title I was thinking of a slasher killing spree. I could not have been more wrong. So please give it a try and let me know what questions pop up in your head after reading this.


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