What Are Superheroes Thankful For?

Nov 25, 2015

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It’s that time again, the leaves are turning brown, red and yellow, the air starts to get its winter chill, and Turkeys are flying of the shelves at the local supermarket. Thanksgiving is here and as we stuff our faces and lounge around watching the big game, we also take time to be thankful. We here at GWW are thankful for so much; mostly for fans like you who are the reason we exist. But I also thought it would be fun it we went around and talked with superheroes to hear what they are thankful for. So I enlisted the help of some of my fellow geeks and we visited all the popular superhero hangouts to chat with them about what they are most thankful for this year. The answers below may surprise you. Sit back and enjoy as your favorite superheroes give thanks on this Thanksgiving Holiday.


“I’m Thankful I am finally getting the Movie I deserve, with a Star I deserve and a rating I deserve, plus chimichangas. Go See Deadpool in theaters Febuary 12th.” –Deadpool

“I’m thankful She-Hulk hasn’t changed her Netflix password in four years.” Ant-Man (via reddit user JeffRyan1)

“I’m actually happy to be rid of that god damn hammer, you have no idea the burden of hathanksgiving1ving to be so worthy all the time, plus carrying it around was really killing my back.”Thor

“Don’t tell Bruce this but I am thankful to have Batman in my next movie, I could really use the box office boost.”Superman

“Don’t tell Clark but I am actually happy to be sharing a film with him, It was getting to be a heavy burden carrying WB all by myself?”Batman

“Really Dude?”Redwolf (via reddit user BigChillRob)

“Secret Wars is finally ending, I always though I wanted to be God but Ruler of Latveria is looking very good right now, plus it looks like I end up with some much needed plastic surgery.” –Dr. Doom

“Earth should be Thankful for Elon Musk.” –Swamp Thing

DCthanksgiving“Not to get political but I am thankful for Gun Show background check loopholes.” –The Punisher (via Reddit user Jacobcrewutzfeldt)

“People actually give a damn about me and my friends again.” –Archie

*Awkward Silence –Black Bolt

“I’m thankful I didn’t have to wear a Purple Sock that I have had sense World War II in Captain America: Civil War.” -Baron Zemo

“Another Reboot in Comics and Movies I guess, Marvel makes me say that.” -Spider-Man

“HULK THANKFUL! SMASH FOOD.” -Hulk (via Sarah Payne-Mills, GWW)

“I’m thankful I never got dragged into the Amazing Spider-Man franchise.” -Doctor Octopus 

“Thankfulness is a state of mind not achieved on the plain of despair of which I am currently inhabiting, so let’s just say my favorite pair of Alligator loafers made for me but the goblin cobbler of the Horwacka Realm.” -Doctor Strange 

“We are thankful Disney bought Star Wars.”Everyone in a Galaxy Far Far Away

“I’m thankful for strategically placed dumpsters and writers to scared to kill me off.” -Glenn (Via Chris Pirri, GWW)

Superheroes and villains have so much to be thankful, it’s nice to take a peek behind the cape. If you want to share what your Thankful for please do so in the comments below, or if you recently chatted with your friendly neighborhood hero or villain and want to share what they are thankful please let us know. Happy Thanksgiving!