What is Star Citizen Exactly

Apr 21, 2017

Star Citizen, the galaxy-sized sandbox being developed by game developers Cloud Imperium Games, is, in my opinion, one of the most groundbreaking and ambitious projects attempted by any game developer ever.

Let’s get an idea of the setting. Imagine that it’s 930 years into our future. The year is 2947, and we plucky, little humans through massive breakthroughs in scientific discovery have broken the shackles of our planetary prison.

We have:

  • Ventured out to the stars settling in the far off reaches of our solar system and others alike
  • Traveled in fantastic spaceships built in all shapes and sizes for all manner of purpose
  • Made contact with alien life, some friendly, some not so much.

This is the stage in which we ask

Now, who are you?

Where do you fit?

  • Do you consider yourself the business savvy trader moving system to system selling precious commodities
  • Maybe you’re the outlaw taking what you want from who you want no matter what means you have to employ
  • Perhaps you’re the lone bounty hunter, sharp as a tack who’s sent to take down said outlaw for that big payday
  • Things aren’t always so black and white. That’s too simple.
  • What if you just enjoy the freedom of soaring through space so much you’ll take whatever job you can just to keep your ship fueled and working
  • You are the Roguish captain with charm to spare and a debt to settle.
  • Maybe it’s as simple as you Start hauling cargo just to send money back to your family on your home world.

You are the player, the pilot, and the inhabitant of this vast galactic network.

Regardless of how you might see yourself in this setting, these are just a few examples of the possibilities available to you. With ships oriented toward almost every imaginable profession from fighter to miner to even a news reporter. You really can be who you want to be in a massive galaxy.

Star Citizen is the largest and most successfully crowd-funded project in history and has already earned itself a place in the Guinness book of world records. It has raised over 140 million dollars towards its development since day one and it’s still going strong. While the scope of the game has evolved and grown in size since it’s initial conception and is still in development, the backers have been witness to the most transparent development process in the history of gaming.

  • Weekly video content released by the developer on the state of the game and milestones they are working on
  • Live test the game as it grows
  • Backers currently have access to a test build
  • A dogfighting module with several game types
  • A first person shooter module available to play as well.

With over 40 flyable ships currently in game and a new patch on the horizon that promises planetary landings, there has never been a better time to give it a look.

More information can be found at Robert Space Industries!