What’s so schway about Joker Town? Batman Beyond Rebirth #1 (Review)

Sep 28, 2016


bmbreb_cv1Batman Beyond Rebirth #1                  
DC Comics

Written by: Dan Jurgens
Art by: Ryan Sook

The relaunch of the Batman Beyond comic book series captures the early 2000’s spirit of the Animated TV series. Neo-Gotham City looks grungy and futuristic. The Batsuit looks epic and there is so much detail in each character’s expression. The only missing aspect to this return to Neo-Gotham is Bruce Wayne, who is still absent. There is also one noticeable difference from the comic to the animated series, Barbara Gordon looks far younger than her cartoon series version. I feel in the rebirth and the previous Batman Beyond comics, a younger and more present Barbara Gordon is good! Bruce Wayne is gone, so all of the old Batman lore is told through Barbara. I think the writers do a schway job at keeping the original heart of Batman Beyond, meanwhile keeping it fresh by adding new surprises like Joker Town.

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This issue is mostly about a new plot called Joker Town. Joker Town is the center of the Joker gang and a new dark plot. The Joker Town plot is similar to the Batman Beyond animated movie, but this comic arc is still very different enough to get readers hooked on the rebirth series. I feel that starting Batman Beyond Rebirth with the Joker gang is such a good way to get new and former readers into Batman Beyond. It allowed Jurgen to also introduce Terry’s origin story in a couple pages and not take away too much from the new story.

Batman Beyond Rebirth #1 brings in the usual cast of Batman Beyond and sets up a mystery and action filled series! Be sure to pick it up as soon as you can!

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