Where Does Blue Lock Anime Leave Off in the Manga?

May 15, 2024

Where Does Blue Lock Anime Leave Off in the Manga?

Fans of Blue Lock are interested in it because it has a strong story and their characters grow in interesting ways. Now that the first season is over, a lot of people can’t wait to keep reading the book. The story is longer on paper than it is on screen, so fans have more chances to get to know the characters and the plot better.

Blue Lock has a manga series. This guide will help you find your way through the chapters and volumes, whether you’re new to the series or want to pick up where the anime left off. This will make sure that your exciting trip goes off without a hitch.

What Chapter Is Blue Lock Anime On?

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There is a very important chapter that anime fans of Blue Lock who want to start reading the manga right where the anime left off need to know. The anime’s first season ends around Chapter 94, but it’s important to keep in mind that some chapters were left out that could have been important to the plot.

Chapter Details

  • The second selection arc ends in Chapter 94, which sets the stage for the next arc, the world cup with the blue lock players.
  • If you skipped over parts of Chapters 88 and 89, you might need to go back and read them to make sense and help the characters grow.

Continuity and Transition

  • Fans might want to start reading Chapter 88 so they don’t miss any important character or plot events that weren’t shown in the anime.
  • Starting with Chapter 88 will make sure that the story flows smoothly and that you fully understand the manga’s strategic changes.

If Blue Lock fans start with these chapters, they can easily switch from watching to reading and get lost in the game’s strategic depth and character development.

Where to Read Manga After Blue Lock Anime?

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After the exciting ending of the anime, Blue Lock fans can’t wait to keep going on their trip through the manga. The manga flows smoothly from the first season introduction arc of the anime, giving readers more information about the Blue Lock project and the different story arcs that the anime started.

Official Platforms

There are a lot of approved places to read the Blue Lock manga, which helps the creators get paid. Here are some of the most famous platforms:

  • The Amazon Kindle is an easy choice for readers who like digital books. People who use Android and want to read manga on their phones can get it from Google Play.
  • Noble Nook: This is another great digital site for manga fans.
  • Local bookstores and online stores that sell books: You can also find manga in shops all over the world. Many fans love the tactile experience that comes with reading a manga book.

The manga not only follows the stories that started in the anime, but it also adds new ones, like the Neo Egoist League arc, that haven’t been shown in animation yet. Fans can find out what happens to their favorite Blue Lock stars by reading the manga.

Is the Blue Lock Anime Close to the Manga?

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The anime version of Blue Lock stays mostly true to the manga. Its fast-paced story and dynamic visual style capture the spirit of the sports anime genre. 

The anime is better than the book in the following ways:

  • How True to the Manga: The adaptation does a great job of staying true to the manga, especially the first and second pick arcs. But, as with many adaptations, some small details and character backstories are cut down to fit the anime style.
  • Manga Coverage: The anime has gone through Chapter 94 of the manga by the end of the first season. These are some of the most important arcs, like the opening arc and parts of the third selection arc.
  • Unanimated Content: Important chapters like 88 and 89 haven’t been fully explored in the anime, giving fans who are switching from anime to manga new things to read.

Which Volume Is Chapter 94 of Blue Lock?

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It can be hard to figure out where to begin reading the comics after the Blue Lock season is over. Chapter 94 is an important part of the story and can be found in

  • Book 11: Chapter 94 is in this book, which is very important because it wraps up the events of the first season of the anime.

Before reading this chapter, here’s what new readers need to know:

  • Chapter 94 ends the current selection arc and sets the stage for the next exciting parts of the race.
  • As the story goes on after Chapter 94, the manga continues with the third selection arc and other stories that could be included in a possible next season of the anime.

If you want to read more than what’s on TV, starting with this part will give you a sense of continuity without any repetition. Following the high stakes of the anime’s finale, this is a great place for Blue Lock fans to start exploring the manga’s unique depth.

Is Blue Lock Season 2 Confirmed?

After the exciting end of the first season, there has been a lot of talk among fans about a second season of the Blue Lock anime. Even though it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, there are a few signs that a second season might be coming:

Manga Progression

  • There are many more chapters in the comics than were covered in the first season, so there should be plenty of material for a second season.
  • The addition of Sae Itoshi and Japan’s team chemistry in later volumes opens up a lot of material that could be used in new episodes.

Fan Base and Reception

  • Having a lot of fans and getting good reviews for the first season makes the case for continuing stronger.
  • It would be great to see more of this story in anime form because it is competitive and strategic, and it takes a new approach to the sports genre.

Expected Story Arcs

  • If there is a second season, fans can expect it to go deeper into the complicated World Cup storyline, where more is at stake and the games are rougher.
  • The focus could move to team play and the competition on a global level, making the story bigger than the original arcs that were focused on individuals.

Fans are still very excited and can’t wait for official news. In the meantime, they are guessing what plots and character changes a second season might bring.

Who Wins Blue Lock in Manga?

As the Blue Lock comic story goes on, fans are very interested in how the different choices and several arcs turn out, especially who wins the Blue Lock project in the end. Here’s a general idea of what to expect, without giving away too much:

Progress of the Story

  • With each fight and chapter, the manga keeps building up the characters’ individual and team skills. Their motivations and levels of complexity keep growing.
  • A lot of growth happens to important people, especially as the storylines move toward the end of the Blue Lock project.

Key Characters to Watch

  • The main question is still “Who Wins Blue Lock?“, but important characters from around the world, such as Sae Itoshi & Yoichi Isagi, add exciting new elements and obstacles.
  • How the teams and strategies change over time is a very important part of how the game goes.

Expectations for the Climax

  • Blue Lock’s end is built around high stakes and the characters’ strong desire to represent Japan as the best striker in the world.
  • The endings of these story arcs will have big surprises and important effects on the characters.

Key Takeaways

When you move from watching the anime to reading the manga, here are some important things to remember:

  • Continuing and expanding the story: The manga goes much further than the animation you’ve seen, going into more detail about ideas and how characters change.
  • Reading Focus: Start with the suggested chapters to pick up on details that were left out of the movie version. In the manga, there is more information about how methods change over time and how characters interact with each other.
  • Better Experience: Reading the manga is better because it focuses on psychological depth and strategy details that aren’t always shown in full in the anime.


How closely does the Blue Lock manga follow traditional sports manga tropes?

The Blue Lock manga mixes traditional sports elements with dark psychological twists. It focuses on personal growth and fierce competition rather than teamwork.

What are the release frequencies of new manga chapters?

Manga chapters for Blue Lock are usually released once a week, but breaks and holidays can throw this schedule off.

Is it advisable to start the manga from where the anime ends, or should newcomers read from the beginning?

Starting from the beginning of the manga is the best way to fully enjoy the character development and plot details that the anime adaptation might skip over.

Are there any official spin-offs or additional material related to Blue Lock worth checking out?

Yes, there are official spin-offs like “Blue Lock: Episode Nagi,” which enriches the main story by going into more detail about the pasts of certain characters.

What unique elements does Blue Lock introduce into the sports genre?

Unlike most sports games, Blue Lock is different because it includes a survival game element where each player’s skill determines their success.