Where to find the best apps for live-streaming sports

Mar 22, 2023

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Professional sport is a way of life in the United States today. Horse racing, football, basketball, ice hockey, baseball. Everywhere you look, you’ll find examples of the US’s love affair with playing, watching, and being involved in games. 

Followers can even make predictions and place bets on their favorite sports, competitions, teams, and athletes at the top online betting sites

Following changes to the laws regarding online gambling in 2018, several states now permit residents and visitors to wager on the sport. Bet using your desktop computer from home or smartphone to get your gambling fix when moving. 

Millions have discovered the joy, tension, and excitement of betting on the NFL, NBA, and MLS. Make predictions at the touch of a button.

The freedom to enjoy sports wherever

How we watch and interact with our chosen sports teams has also modernized. You can visit the stadium, soaking up the atmosphere, and cheer on the players in person. 

If you can’t make it to the venue, you can also follow the play live on television at home or a sports bar with friends, family, and fellow supporters or rival fans. But there’s another option.

We’re seeing a spike in the number of people choosing to watch horse racing and sport through a live stream. It’s available on Android and iOS devices, meaning you can turn everyday situations into a chance to catch the big match. Watch from your sofa at home, during a break from work, or on the commute home by public transport.

Live streaming is the modern way to enjoy sports, and more fans will view games on their smartphones and tablets than on television soon. Live streaming cuts the ties that tether you to your home or TV set, allowing you to fit viewing around your hectic daily schedule. Never again will you miss the play.

Google Images Creative Commons Licenses

Welcome to the new world

If you haven’t watched a sports live stream over the last 12 months, it’s safe to say you’ve never watched a live stream. The quality of what’s available today differs from what was available previously.

Until recently, online streaming had a bad rep, which was thoroughly deserved. The coverage was often illegal, the commentary in a foreign language and interruptions plagued viewers. Watching a vital soccer match or championship boxing bout on live streams was almost impossible due to breaks for buffering and loading. 

It was as frustrating as it sounds. You may remember. But that’s no longer the case. Modern live streaming comes in HD with crystal clear sound and is reliable. If you have a Wi-Fi connection or available data, you can follow from anywhere in the world. The feeds are legal, licensed, and enjoyable to watch.

Where to find the best live streams

An interesting fact about the best live streams is they are available through online bookmakers. The top names in betting from Las Vegas to London offer all registered customers free access to their faultless live streams.

What’s the catch? Well, there isn’t one. Sportsbooks offer free live streaming to help them stand out in a competitive industry. They believe members who bet on a game, race, or fight deserve to watch perfect coverage. It’s also hoped that by offering live streaming, more people will decide to gamble.

But there’s no need to wager on sports to access the live stream. Many betting apps allow members to follow without charge, and that’s the providers you should be hunting down. Read a bookie’s live streaming terms and conditions for the latest information.

Claim a free bet on the result

Picture-perfect live sports streams are exceptional, and every fan should have a betting app on their device, at least for the live streaming. But there’s another excellent reason to sign up.

The most generous bookies give all new players a welcome bonus free bet. You’ll qualify for your bonus when you join a betting app by creating an account. Most bookies offer a free bet or risk-free bet. That allows you to sample the app, gamble on a sports fixture and watch the play without charge.

It takes just a few moments to create a sports betting account and start enjoying the many benefits.