Who could Teri Hatcher be Playing on Supergirl?

Feb 8, 2017

Recently, it was announced the Teri Hatcher would be joining the cast of the CW’s Supergirl for an arc with her character being the main villain of the season.¬†


Hatcher, who fans will recognize from her role as Lois Lane for four years on Lois and Clarke: The New Adventures of Superman, is the latest former DC Comics TV series veteran to guest on a CW series. She will join former Wonder Woman Linda Carter, former Supergirl Helen Slater and her former co-star on the ABC series Dean Cain. The news that she is playing the bad guy in her arc on the show has everyone speculating on who she might be bringing to life on the small screen. I have a few theories myself.

First of all, disabuse yourself of the notion that we could possibly see Cheetah, Poison Ivy or Circe on the small screen on Supergirl. I am relatively sure that those characters have already been reserved for the big screen, or if they haven’t, they should be. So let’s get practical. There is a bevy of female super villains that Teri Hatcher could play in her upcoming arc on Supergirl. Here are a few of my ideas and why they might work.

Whisper A-Daire


This might be a little outside the box because she is more closely associated with Batman, but Whisper has had her hands in events that would touch on both Supergirl and Arrow. She has been both a member of the League of Assassins as well as Intergang. Intergang has always been a thorn in the side of Kara’s cousin Superman, so it wouldn’t be too big a stretch to bring that organization into the fold over at Supergirl. The only impediment is that they’ve already introduced Cadmus, so two evil organizations might be overkill.

Emerald Empress


With the show leaning into the motif of aliens and the fact that they have already teased the Legion of Super Heroes, it might be interesting if Teri Hatcher were playing the Emerald Empress.


The prison ship from the first season could be the means of bringing her to Earth and her motive for attacking Supergirl is to lure the Legion to the present in order to find her way back to her own time. This could also be a way to bring back Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman.

Saturn Queen


Much like the Emerald Empress storyline, Saturn Queen could follow the same tropes and introduce the Legion as well, since she is related to Saturn Girl from the Legion. Her character could also be a fugitive from time stuck in ours and trying to find a way to return to her own. Saturn Queen has a connection to both Superman and Supergirl in her obsession with the Man of Steel and her time in the Kryptonian city of Kandor. Another way to bring Superman back for a couple of episodes.

Morgaine le Fey


We’ve seen magic on the CW DC Comics shows in the past with both Vixen and Matt Ryan’s return as John Constantine on Arrow. Perhaps Teri Hatcher’s mysterious villain could bring the elements of dark magic to National City. With Supergirl and Superman both vulnerable to magic, her presence as Morgaine could really shake up Supergirl’s status quo and storylines by introducing an elements that requires her to think before she acts. Plus, it’s a great excuse to bring back Matt Ryan’s Constantine again. You could even introduce the Berlanti-verse version of Jason Blood/ Etrigan.



This choice is a little too on the nose, but it’s a conceivable premise. We were introduced to Non in the first season, so it isn’t a stretch to have Ursa emerge as a huge threat. She could spend her arc trying to soften Kara up for the inevitable arrival of General Zod.

HIVE Queen


This is actually my favorite choice out of all of them. Queen Bee Zazzala is so out there a character that it would be the perfect role for an actress to sink her teeth into. Queen Bee could definitely have been on the prison ship the crashed on Earth. She could be biding her time, building her army of drones. Her use of mind control could come from the Medusa tech used by Astra in the first season. Her criminal organization H.I.V.E could rival Cadmus in its scope, making her Supergirl’s biggest threat.

Sheree Hatcher


This one is just a little fun on my part. Rich, aging playgirl Sheree Hatcher (get it!) invokes the goddess Hecate to help her bring back her youth. In order to get what she asked for, the goddess commands that Sheree bring her the soul of Supergirl. In order to accomplish this, Hecate possesses Sheree to try to use magic to kill Kara. Come on, that’s a ridiculously¬†clever premise for Greg Berlanti to use. The Teri Hatcher/Sheree Hatcher press alone would be gold.

Whoever Teri Hatcher is playing on Supergirl, one thing is for sure. I will definitely be watching and snickering to myself about Sheree Hatcher.


Let me know what you think. Who do you think Teri Hatcher will play on Supergirl? Leave your comments below.

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