Who Wouldn’t Want To Solve A Mystery With KISS! Scooby Doo: Rock and Roll Mystery Roundtable from SDCC

Jul 21, 2015


SD_KISS_V_DD_KA_TT_1400x2100_72dpi_EN.400x400-75It was a big honor for me to sit in on this round table interview session. When I was a kid I watched Scooby and the gang constantly. Even When I moved on to High School you could still find me watching Scooby, but it was often in my room with a KISS album blaring in the background. Skipping to the present day I still find myself tuning into The Mystery Machine and them meddling kids but this time with my Grandson by my side. That’s right for forty four years Scooby has been in my life and I’m sure for many more years to come.

At this interview session we had the honor of talking to Grey Giffin (Daphine), an excellent voice actress. Matthew Lillard (Shaggy), who for me will also be the real life Shaggy. Yes Casey Kasem was the master but Matthew is not far behind and has portrayed the character in live action as well as animation. We also spoke with writer Kevin Shinick the creative director on Adult Swim”s Robot Chicken. Parley Perrette (The Crimson Witch) you may recognize her as the cute punk rock CSI scientist on NCIS. And last but not least Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone (Director and Producer) whom you will hear share their childhood memories of KISS.

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Let’s not forget the stars of this new Scooby Doo adventure we saved the best for last, yes that’s right KISS was in the house; Gene Simmons (The Demon), Paul Stanley (Starchild), Tommy Thayer (The Spaceman), and Eric Singer (The Catman). The myths the legends the rockstars did not disappoint and lived up to their rock star image. You could just feel the anticipation in the ballroom when they entered. They will always be iconic characters and can’t help but bring life to anything they are a part of whether it be a concert, animated film or a room full of eager press.


Please take a listen to this great interview that I have recorded for your listening pleasure. Please excuse the audio as it was recorded live during SDCC.

Grey Griffin- Daphine 00.00 - 8:45
Matthew Lillard- Shaggy 8:45 - 1747
Kevin Shinick- Writer 17:47 - 30:50
Pauley Perrette - The Crimson Witch 30:50 - 41:11
Paul Stanley -Starchild & Tommy Thayer - The Spaceman - 41:11 - 46:30
Spike Brandt & Tony Cervone - Directors and Producers - 46:30 - 52:42
Gene Simmons- The Demon & Eric Singer The Catman - 52:42 - 59:17

Scooby Doo: Rock and Roll Mystery is available via digital download now and the DVD/Blu-Ray version will be available on July 21st.

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Until then remember to Rock all night and Party every day. Long live KISS and Them Meddling Kids!!!!

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