“Who You Gonna Call?” When June’s Powered Geek Box Arrives (Review)

The monthly subscription box craze doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon, and the landscape is quickly becoming crowded with companies vying for your geeky affection. POWERED Geek Box is another geek-centric monthly subscription box that offers a plethora of geeky trinkets, goodies and t-shirts. We received our first Geek Box from Powered this month and I was immediately struck by the lack of fluff. No paper, cards, magazines or ads cluttered the box, it was all about the products, and not trying to sell you more or give you filler that would just become trash.

POWERED Geek Box also separates itself by forging a theme, this can be booth a positive and negative as I personally enjoy a good theme and like to see the unique way the items tie together, but it can also cause the box to be lack luster and does take a bit of the surprise away. So as I broke the seal on June’s POWERED Geek Box I literally had no idea what to expect.

With the new Ghostbusters film hitting theaters, I was pleasantly surprised to see not one but two adorably geeky Ghostbuster items in June’s POWERED Geek Box. The first is a must have for any Funko collector and Ghostbuster fan. This Funko Pop Slimer is green, gooey, and a great addition to any geeks collection.

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The second item although small, and inexpensive, this Ghostbusters MyMoji blind bag is a cute gift for the child in your household or uber Ghostbusters lover. Sure, you run the risk of not getting the most dynamic character like I did (Peter Venkmen) but you could luck out and score the Stay Puft Marshmallow man or Slimer and have an adorable little desk buddy.

The next item is my personal favorite and another great addition to my work space. The Spider-Man Collectible Diorama is simple and small, but also colorful and detailed. A sturdy action oriented piece this Spider-Man Diorama features the wall crawler in a classic pose, ready to save New York from the latest catastrophe.

It wouldn’t be a geek box without some stocking stuffer esque items. June’s POWERED Geek Box features a couple of cute pins, one featuring DC’s Robin, the other Tom and Jerry. We also got a pretty cool Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman PEZ depenser which has my 4 year old daughter very excited. The Justice League mini notepad will surely get some use this week as we head to San Diego Comic Con.

At last but certainly not least, the shirt. This month POWERED gave us a shirt featuring your favorite pointed eared 1st officer, Spock. The “Trek Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself” t-shirt is bright, stylish and something that will surely be worn my multiple members of my household. The only unfortunate thing is it looks like this particular style runs a bit small as the medium may only last a couple of washes before it becomes a tight muscle shirt I wear when I want to show off my dad bod.

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June’s POWERED Geek Box is all stuff and little fluff as the majority of bigger items are all worth while to any mega fan. I appreciate the attention to the items and lack of magazines, adds or loose paper that seem to fill most other boxes. Some of the items where your typical geek box trinkets but the featured items more than make up for them. The Funko Pop and shirt are by far the highlights and we have you smiling the second you flip that black lid and take a peek inside.

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