The Whovian Perspective: Who’s Your Doctor

Sep 28, 2017

Greetings, fellow pudding brains! How goes the day? Doctor Who is about fun and change, but above all, it is about hope and growth, and there is one question that all Whovians tend to ask upon meeting. Who’s your doctor?

Who's your Doctor?

This is the first and sometimes the last question that I get asked by other Whovians. Most people don’t believe that I can be a true Whovian without one. I don’t have one though, and let me tell you why. They are all the Doctor to me. Through 13 bodies, each incarnation has built on the character to create something that is nothing less than epic.


He was young and restless. He would run around in that old body of his and put others at risk just to get a peek at something new. He was cocky and brash, as are many a privileged/talented youth.


With a love for playing the fool, there was no longer a need to make sure everyone knew that he is older, wiser, and more amazing than them. He is no longer a brand new adult that stole a vehicle and ran away; time has passed and he has now been around enough to understand that if he can make a difference, he should.


With his TARDIS booted and keys taken, the Doctor has to get a job with UNIT and stick around Earth indefinitely. The guy that has never been able to stay in one place is forced to reside on a primitive planet with the apes.


Tom Baker portrayed arguably the most iconic Doctor to date. He has his driving privileges back and has got to get out of here. Although, he is wholly unable to stay away for long.


Five was struck by so much; his usual bravado stripped away until the cracks in his confidence showed. He saw tragedy in his own sphere when one of his companions died.


It must be difficult to be just brilliant while everyone else just… isn’t. While Six attempted to show that he only cared about diction and superiority, it was obvious that he was still the same Doctor that would do anything to ensure that life continued for so many.


Ever the tactician, Seven would distract with magic tricks while plotting your destruction. He had no qualms about making himself look stupid if it would prove you wrong and he could ultimately get his way.


A faulty memory won’t stop the charm of this incarnation romancing a companion and ultimately avoiding the Time War until he couldn’t anymore. After attempting to rescue someone, he was injured and must choose a destiny. If you can’t beat them join them.


This reluctant warrior was the best kind. A soldier that didn’t believe in the war. One can believe in the cause without adhering to the recourse of war. But just as in life, the War Doctor discovered that one can’t avoid the terrible forever. Sometimes you have to rise up and take a stand when it’s the hardest decision you’ll ever make.


Oh, the sass of Nine just brings joy to my heart although you can watch as he ruefully shows that his hearts are breaking. He’s fresh from believing that he has destroyed his own people and will spend the rest of his life making up for that dastardly decision.


He met Rose and is in love with life for the first time in so very long. He can breathe and smile and know that his past will always be there, but will continue to make a difference where you can even, in the smallest of ways.


Hiding over a millennium behind the eyes of a child, Eleven roared to life, showing that even an ancient being can be immature and not seem to take life too seriously. Occasionally though, we get a peek behind those eyes to see why the Doctor has so many rules.


Without the guilt of genocide on his conscience, the giddy childlike facade can melt away. He can feel the centuries and has watched worlds burn and his friends die. He’s tired and doesn’t feel like caring anymore. That doesn’t keep him from doing so. It takes a little boy that dreams of being a superhero to strip away the grump to reveal the essence of Twelve’s character.

Ultimately, the Doctor is the Doctor no matter which face he wears.

These are my Doctors. Who is your Doctor?

Until next time, make it a good one and be amazing!