Why I Can’t Wait for Saturday

Jul 24, 2012

This Saturday is the 28th of July – the date of the long awaited Star Trek CCG night at Portal Games in downtown Portland. We’ve been working hard to get you all together for a night of awesome games, and that night is nearly upon us. And we are so excited to meet you all.

We’ll be officially launching at 6:30pm, but feel free to arrive early to chat. You’ll have more of our attention if you do. We’ll all be there, cards in one hand and likely a beer in the other. Except for me, I’m the DD for Josh and Matt. It’s really important to us that you feel comfortable to come by even if you don’t play Star Trek. We intentionally chose an old game that has been out of print for 10 years because we want this night to focus on fun, and not necessarily competition. Besides, nobody can compete with Josh’s cards.

I’m excited to meet you all!