Why is an essay writing very useful for students?

Dec 26, 2021


Essay writing is an essential part of the life of every student. Since learning to write, students have to write essays, assignments, and papers that only grow in complexity. Many think that writing a good essay depends on your writing talent. That if you do not have an innate talent, you cannot do it. But this is wrong. 

Writing skills can be developed and improved along your study years and this is a fact. It is also one of the reasons why essay writing is so useful for students. Getting an education can be challenging, but immersing yourself in all the tasks you have, including the written ones, comes with many benefits. And even though a student might think that essay writing on different topics does not have any benefit at all, here is a short article that explores why this is useful. 

Essay Writing Promotes Critical Thinking

Writing an essay is not only about the action of writing but about other things as well. When you start writing an essay, you need to go through some steps that will guide you along the way. For example, you need to start with choosing your topic, if you do not have a given one. You need to research, read books, articles, scientific journals, to discover more about your topic. Even though this might feel like a burden for some students, it comes with many benefits. Essay writing is about having contact with different bits of information, identifying the one relevant and valid for your topic, and building your arguments. Because essays can be of different types. You can use Edubirdie to read and inform more on how an essay should be written and the particularities of every type. But this task, even though it is not liked by many students, is helpful because it helps them develop their critical thinking skills. So if you have any problem with your essay writing – don’t worry and ask for some help.

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Organization Skills 

Essay writing is not only about research but about how you present the information and convey your message too. Teachers and professors keep an eye on how students build their essays and have certain expectations as well. They want to read an essay that is well organized, where the information and ideas flow smoothly. And you learn how to do this by actually doing it. You learn to organize not only your ideas but your notes and sources too. 

Building Vocabulary 

Another great benefit of essay writing is that you build your vocabulary. Depending on the essay type, teachers expect you to use academic vocabulary. Even though at the beginning it might be difficult to do it, by constantly writing essays you begin to learn new words and idioms. And these words can be used in some sentences or essays to better underlie an idea and to give your essay a characteristic vibe. 

Reading and Writing 

Many students search for ideas and pieces of advice online on how to improve their writing skills. Even though you can find many articles and blog posts online that focus on this topic, you should know that they have a common point: writing. You cannot improve your writing only by reading other books and written works, engaging in creative pursuits, and talking with other students. You improve your writing skills the most by actually writing. 

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So, essay writing is useful for students because it helps them improve their reading and writing skills. Only by practice can you become better at something, and essay writing will help any student do this. 


Communication is very important not only in an academic setting but on a personal level too. We need communication to find out what others think. We need communication to express our ideas and thoughts. We need communication to buy things, to negotiate, and to have fruitful relationships. Being able to communicate your ideas efficiently and logically is an essential skill. 

One that will be developed through essay writing too. Communicating efficiently is one of the skills that are essential to every student and that will be useful not only in an academic setting but for their future careers too. 

Ending Note 

Essay writing might be seen as a burden by many students. But, in fact, it is very helpful for them. By actively engaging in writing, you improve your skills. Not only your writing skills but many others. For example, you learn how to communicate efficiently and convey a clear and logical message. You learn to think critically, research, and organize your time and projects. You build your vocabulary which ultimately helps you communicate better, so there are only positive benefits of essay writing for students. 

Bio lines: Joshua Robinson is a content writer and blogger. He loves writing and considers writing a book. His favorite topics are soft skills and the psychology of writing.

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