Willem DaFoe spotted on set for untitiled Spider-Man 3

Feb 5, 2021

Back in December The Illuminerd reported Willem Dafoe was in talks to join the packed cast of the MCU’s Spider-Man 3. Well now we can fully support this claim as sources close to GWW and the same ones who revealed to us that Alfred Molina was cast in the Spidey sequel have now informed us Willem Dafoe has reported to the set as of today and will in fact play a role in the upcoming threequel.

This confirms Illuminerd’s previous report and further expands the idea that this is indeed an extremely ambitious multiverse film that is looking to expand the Spider-Man and MCU into the Sony properties.

Beyond the confirmation of his on set appearance our source was sparse with the details unfortunately, but we trust their track record obviously and are excited by the prospect none the less. Big congrats to Illuminerd for first reporting Dafoe was a potentially joining the now growing multiverse ensemble.

We will try to gather more details and will update this post accordingly but for now we can at least say Dafoe has arrived.

Source: The Illuminerd/GWW