Wizard of Legend | Preview: Taking magic out of the books and into the battle

Aug 10, 2016

Let’s all face it; being a wizard in most games is an awesome experience. Summoning a meteor shower and watching it obliterate everything standing between you and your objective never gets old. Being slower and weaker is a totally fair trade, right?

Well, Wizard of Legend is looking to change that.

Although it’s still a work in progress (the Kickstarter project behind the game has been fully funded at the time of this writing) and some features are still being added, we’ve gotten a good look at the core third-person action mechanics of the game. Described by developer Contingent99 as a “fast paced 2D dungeon crawler,” Wizard of Legend seeks to combine devastating arcane abilities with procedural environments and twitchy, reflex-based combat for a unique adventuring experience.


Mages in Wizard of Legend may not be hulking behemoths, but they’re far from helpless.

Thought it’s more of an interactive features list than a bona fide demo, Contingent99 has released a mini-game called Museum of Legend, a showcase for the setting of Wizard of Legend as well as the enemies, spells and abilities available to the player. Presented as a flash-forward representation of the game itself, Museum of Legend introduces concepts such as the Council of Mages; the annual magic trials that will form the setting of the main game; and the arcana: magical essences concentrated into playing card-like foci that allow aspiring mages to instantly unleash their spells with no need for incantations or preparation.

By skirting the slower, more meticulous magic-wielding mechanics of traditional role-playing games, Wizard of Legend puts fearsome arcane abilities a simple keystroke away. Everything is on the table – from fireballs to lightning bolts and ice waves, as well as elite “signature” versions of some spells. Put simply, magic is being taken up a notch. Even the small bites of combat available in Museum of Legend make it clear that equipping the right arcana and artifacts for the situation, as well as casting with skill, mobility, strategy and adaptability, will be the key to success.


Choose your relics wisely. They can be the difference between life and death in the challenging magical trials.

According to the game’s Steam page, Wizard of Legend is expected to be released at some time next year. Until then, Museum of Legend is free to download for a sneak peak at what Contingent99’s inaugural title has to offer.

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