Wolverine: The Long Night Chapter 6 REVIEW

Oct 12, 2018


This was without a doubt in my mind the best chapter of the Wolverine: The Long Night podcast.

That being said, I am going to touch on the one negative from the episode: the open. It was one of Nicholas Prophet’s radio broadcasts and lasted about two minutes and 21 seconds. It’s important, even without knowing what else is set to take place in the chapter. When you find out what else happens in chapter 6, it becomes even more important.

Maybe I just didn’t like it because it felt so much like one of those infomercials I saw so much as a kid when I’d wake up in the middle of the night or super early to watch TV. I’ve always found these times of things creepy and super annoying, and this fake radio ad takes it to a new level. Maybe that’s just a job well done by Marvel. I can’t get past how it haunts me of my childhood.

Setting that aside, what an absolute banger of an episode.

We receive full confirmation that Mallory (voiced by Zoey Chao) is working with Logan (voiced by Richard Armitage). Upon listening to their wiretapped conversation, we also hear Logan say, “Bodies will keep piling up and the guilt will be mine to carry.” So he knows a lot more than the listeners and Agents Sally Pierce (voiced by Celia Keenan-Bolger) and Tad Marshall (voiced by Ato Essandoh).

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Logan also knows that Pierce and Marshall are on to him and he sets them up. It felt like he was setting them up for an ambush when Pierce and Deputy Bobby Reid (voiced by Andrew Keenan-Bolger) went to check things out, but it turns out Logan wanted them to check out the ley lines — the area Nicholas Prophet and the Langrocks are fighting over. That scene happened so quickly and Celia Keenan-Bolger performed it very well. I thought there was no way Pierce and Bobby walked away safely.

The other major confirmation we receive surrounds the one behind the attacks on these women. We know it wasn’t a bear, given Dinah Moses (voiced by Kumiko Konishi) had bite marks with 32 teeth, like a human, as opposed to 42 teeth, which would indicate it was a bear.

But as the doctor said, the bite radius is too big for a human, which plays into Johnny Moses’ story (voiced by Dante Pereira-Olson). Based on his story and from the sounds we heard from his mom’s attack, the assailant sounds like a Mr. Hyde-type. A human on some type of drug that enhances his or her physical strength, but deforms them at the same time. It could also be a mutant given this is a Wolverine story.

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Entering chapter 6, I thought it the attacker was definitely Brent Langrock (voiced by Lannon Killea). But I don’t think he’d want to take essentially performance-enhancing drugs to make him stronger and more athletic. Or at least not PEDs that are THAT strong. He could be a mutant, though, which is still in play.

However, I believe we have a new leader in the clubhouse: Hudson Langrock (voiced by David call). The less presentable of Joseph Langrock’s sons (voiced by Bob Balaban). He would definitely be the type to do something like this to take out his rage towards his father, or even carry out the acts on his father’s orders to make him happy. He could also very well be a mutant, too.

Last thing, turns out the sheriff (voiced by Scott Adsit) is crooked. Not exactly a stunner. But it looks like his deputy, Bobby, is joining in on the fun. As disappointing as that is, Bobby just became a much more valuable asset for Pierce and Marshall.

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