Women of marvel #1 (2022)

Mar 7, 2022

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Women of Marvel

Women of Marvel is a fabulous compendium featuring the work of the women behind Marvel. It encompasses a collection of short stories from the female creators of Marvel. The introduction is written by one of the most influential women in the comic book industry, Gail Simone. For those who do not know, her literary works include DC’s Birds of Prey, The All-New Atom, Secret Six, Welcome to Tranquility, Deadpool, Batgirl, Red Sonja, and is to date THE longest female writer on Wonder Woman.


Her introduction is a personal one, and I am certain that her story will resonate with many, if not few irrespective of gender. Gail Simone starts off by clearly stating her love for comics, and was considered “weird” for being a girl who wanted to read comics… Her penning of the introduction allows you to understand and live through her words, her journey from a reader of comics to the creator that she is today. Her passion and love for comics, well, it’s tangible!

The stories

Four Jobs Felica Hated and One She Didn’t

Written by: Preeti Chhibber
Art by: Jen Bartel and Marguerite Sauvage

A Black Cat story in two parts about the bad and the good jobs of Felicia Hardy the occasional foe, love interest, and sometimes ally of Spider-Man.

Real Witches

Written by: Mirka Andolfo
Art by: Sumeyye Kesgin with Brittany Peer

An anti-social Patty Prue is on her journey towards self-discovery and finding her own special niche in the world.

Showing Up

Written by: Jordie Bellaire
Art By: Zoe Thorogood

This story is true to Jessica Jones. A touch of sadness due to loss, addiction, and the regret that comes along with it. Yet there is hope if only one can find forgiveness in themselves.

Comb Foot

Written By: Charlie Jane Anders and Emma Kubert
Art By:
Elisabetta D’amico and Giada Marchisio

This hilarious story is one where Squirrel Girl and Black Widow join forces. And discover that work-life balance is easier said than done.

Cry of the Jungle

Written By: Rhianna Pratchett
Art By: Alina Erofeeva and Ruth Redmond

This one is an action-packed story featuring Shanna the She-Devil and Silver Sable, where the pair face animal poachers head-on.

Last thoughts:

I clearly remember my “awkward” days of self-discovery. During which I had found a comic store. I had found my sanctuary, a place of solace for my confused, angry-at-everything-yet-I-didn’t-know-why teenage self. So, when I saw the title Women in Marvel (2022) I could not resist. Marvel has previously published Women of Marvel #1 in 2021, a two-issue series in 2010, and several collections using the same nomenclature.

These stories are short, and hilarious in their own way. Yet, they highlight that even superheroes have vulnerabilities, such as self-esteem issues, depression, loss, and an incredible sense of humor. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and more so admiring the pencil work. Each artist depicted the characters beautifully and stayed true to the characters themselves.

Debut artist and writer Mirka illustrated the cover of the collection.

The collection will also feature variant covers by women artists: Ernanda Souza, Audrey Mok, Lauren A. Brown, and Ashley Witter.

Score: 8.5