Working Title of Tom Hardy’s ‘Venom’ Movie Hinting To New Origin?

Jul 15, 2017


We’ve been keeping our ears to the ground concerning Sony’s Venom solo movie starring Tom Hardy and directed by Zombieland’s Ruben Fleischer. Previously, we’ve revealed the film will be shooting in Atlanta and New York City starting on September 1st.

Now, Omega Underground has learned from production channels the film’s working title will be Antidote, the codename is expected to be used only during pre-production and filming.

This title could speak to the film possibly taking an alternative route towards the origin of the symboite (bio-weapon?), maybe even a viral or outbreak angle? Brock might also be looking at a ticking clock here, possibly risking his life to stay bonded as Venom.

It also could be teasing the inclusion of Anti-Venom as well, this is just our own speculation.

Official details about the film are currently unknown outside of it being confirmed via TheHollywoodReporter that serial killer Cletus Kasady aka Carnage will be the film’s villain. It’s possible we might be seeing more than two symboites in the film as this idea has been recently teased.

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Our good friends over at ThatHashtagShow had added that potential host and Eddie Brock’s ex-wife Anne Weying (She-Venom) will have a role in the film as well as a casting call has gone out for her.

It remains to be seen if she’ll end-up getting her own symboite as she might make an excellent alternative host for Scream or Anti-Venom, given that the character has a closer connection to Eddie than someone like Donna Diego.  We’ve seen Sony use alternative takes or develop their own versions of characters to fit the film, so it’s possible an obscure character like Anne might get some tweaking for a cinematic version.

Another detail they are expecting is that this would be an “Ultimate version” of Venom, suggesting the symbiote might have been created in a lab rather than a hitchhiker from outer space. A possible out from having Venom’s origin directly tied to Spider-Man being the original host.

The man-made bio-weapon angle was hinted to big time in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Easter Eggs in the Oscorp facility.

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Perhaps, Eddie is either a test-subject or possibly working at this lab when he is bonded to become Venom. Speculation on our part, but it doesn’t seem needed to have Brock working at the Daily Bugle if Spider-Man is indeed not the catalyst for Venom’s main motivation in this cinematic incarnation.

A rating hasn’t been made official by Sony, but chatter suggests it could go the R-rating route which makes sense if Carnage is indeed coming. Venom currently has the release date of October 5th, 2018.



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