World War Z (PC) Review and Launch stream

May 3, 2019


The impact of zombies on recent pop culture can not be under estimated, so much so to the point of zombie fatigue in many instances. World War Z is a movie planted squarely at the epicenter of the phenomena from 2013. While a planned sequel has fallen by the way side for now, Focus Entertainment has seized upon the lull in the franchise to make exceedingly fun co-op game. With that said it would be a mistake to assume that this title offers nothing in the way of depth or strategy. Upon the initial release there are 6 classes which are all able to be upgraded and able to customize. On top of that each class progresses with experience to unlock different perks allowing you to build your class the way that you want. Add to that your weapons gain experience through use and it becomes apparent the depth and care of which this shooter has been crafted. Some of the unlock able weapon perks range from magazine size, reload speed, optical options and much more.

The characters that you play as at each location have distinct personality to them that is portrayed through their battle banter. Each character also has an accompanying personal video that give some backstory information and deepens your connection to that character. The developers have also shown the refreshing desire to interact and listen to the community for feedback as the game continues to grow. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the expertly crafted levels that recreate the horror and terror of the situation at hand. You start out in New York just like the movie but well after the outbreak has reduced the city to ruins of the dead. Each location has several mission points that require completion before moving to the other locales from the movie and novel such as Tokyo, Jerusalem, and Moscow.

The developers have already laid out their plans to add additional zombie types, missions, weapons, perks, and more. The sheer amount of zombies on screen at once charging for you is enough to make you believe that the dead dont tire and neither will you from mowing them down if the developers have their way which is good news for a grim task. Dont miss one of the best coop shooters in recent memory with a surprising amount of depth and the promise of a world that will continue to grow and challenge.

Score 8.5