Wynonna Earp – Season 1 Review

Jul 12, 2016


This last year, we have seen from Syfy a resurgence in space based shows. We have had The Expanse, Killjoys, and Dark Matter, for starters. The newest show that the channel has aired is quite different. That show is, Wynonna Earp, which premiered on April 1st of this year.

Based on the IDW comic by Beau Smith, Wynonna Earp is the story of Wyatt Earp’s granddaughter (“The Heir”), as she comes back to her hometown of Purgatory, and vows to rid the town of all the demons her family is cursed to kill, with the supernatural gun “Peacemaker”.

Wynonna Earp is a mash-up of genres. Western, supernatural, and with some romance sprinkled on top. But on this show, created by Emily Andras, producer on Lost Girl for 4 seasons, the most special romance is between Wynonna’s sister, Waverly, and her relationship with Officer Nicole Haught.

If you’ve seen one episode of Lost Girl, you know that Emily isn’t afraid of portraying a realistic and sexy lesbian relationship. The two actresses have great chemistry too, so while the queer community is still reeling from the Bury Your Gays trope that got overused these past months, they can find some solace in this show.

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Wynonna herself is a no holds barred, rebellious character, who struggles to find her place and her path. Coming back to Purgatory might bring her just that. She is not alone in her task of killing all the “Revenants”, the premiere episode, and she is helped by agent Xavier Dolls, sent by Black Badge, an obscure government organization focused on the supernatural.

Last Friday June 24th the finale episode of the 1st season (series?) aired. (As of today, the show still hasn’t been renewed, but the show will be present at San Diego Comic-Con, so the renewal will, hopefully, be announced at the panel).

This finale gave us action, treason, revelations, romance, supernatural twists, deaths, sibling relationships, in a jam-packed episode. I seriously hope that we’ll get a season 2, because the characters are so compelling, genuine, and fun to hang out with. This is a show full of heart, wit, quips and kickass females. Have I already mentioned how I love my kickass women? In a world full of (male) superheroes, I always love seeing strong ladies on my screen.

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If you haven’t watched it yet, and need a show to binge-watch the coming months, you might consider giving this show a try. It’s a fun romp, with twists and turns galore. Perfect for the summer!

All the episodes are available on syfy.com.



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