Wynter #1 Review (New Worlds Comics)

Apr 28, 2014

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wynter 1Wynter # 1 (New Worlds Comics)

Story by: Guy Hasson

Art by: Aron Elekes

 I went into this comic not knowing anything about it. I was like Stevie Wonder grabbing something off a shelf and hoping for the best. The cover really drew me in to be honest. Well low and behold I was impressed. I have always been a fan of Science fiction and this book takes you to the future and a story that is unlike one I have read before. Guy Hasson has done a great job creating a world in this future that can be bizarre and also very entertaining.

Liz Wynter is a seventeen year old kid who thinks she might be special but is constantly reminded by her inner voice of that she is not. All of a sudden she thinks she is the only one who wants something but is reminded that two million people want it too. Of course being in the future technology is far superior and the internet has grown to something more devious. It seems Liz and of course everyone else can find out personal information of people on the fly. This can be a burden but also very helpful. As Liz is in a club having fun as any seventeen year old would she is handed something that will turn her life around. It seems that everyone has a destination that has already been determined. So when Liz gets in trouble the Police know exactly where she is going and how to stop her.wyn2

She soon finds out what she has in her possession can turn her world upside down and maybe even change the galaxy forever. No one is safe in this stark future and Guy Hasson has created an ending that makes you yearn for the next issue.

The art and color done brilliantly by Aron Elekes is out of this world and will always remind you that this is a future unlike any other. His art just makes you want to jump in the pages of this book and walk along with Liz. I recommend this book especially for Sci-fi buffs and hopefully you will be hooked as much as I am.