X-23 rumored for ‘Wolverine 3’

Apr 21, 2016

X-23Rumor is that their might be another healing and adamantium welding mutant on the Fox lot very soon, in the form of Laura Kinney better known to X-men fans by her code name X-23.  While I love the fact that Laura is being brought into the Fox X-men universe, this choice has to make you wonder if the studio is still going in the direction of adapting the Old Man Logan story to the screen as previously rumored.  If not it makes perfect sense, considering so many of the characters such as: The Hulk and Hawkeye ,that make Old Man Logan such a compelling story film right’s are owned by Disney.

All things considered perhaps an X-23 story is the perfect direction for Fox.  We all know this will most likely be Hugh Jackman’s last go as Wolverine, so why not bring in a strong female character that he can pass the torch to.  After all that has what has been done recently in Marvel Comics with X-23 taking over the mantle of Wolverine after the character’s death, and with resoundingly positive reception.

It will be interesting if the rumor turns out to be true, to see what Marvel will do with the character in the comics.  Would the publisher pull or kill off X-23 just to avoid giving a Fox film any positive hype like they did recently with the Fantastic 4?  Hopefully by this point the praise has been positive enough for Laura Kinney in the role of Wolverine that would not be the case and we can all avoid another divide in the geek fan community, but only time will tell.

Wolverine 3 opens March 3rd 2017

(Source: Superhero Hype)

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