‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Casting New Supporting Male Role

Jun 8, 2017


X-Men: Dark Phoenix is currently in full-swing of the casting phase for their seventh main X-Men installment, and we have a new bit of intel on the film. We’ve previously pointed out potential new candidates Toby Huss auditioning for Hoover (possible Shi’ar alien) and Alexa Swinton auditioning for Marie (Rogue?).

Omega Underground has discovered that filmmakers are looking to hire a new supporting role and are asking for husky male actors between the ages of 10-12 to apply.

The information comes by way of a casting call from local Montreal casting company Kenyon-Wells Casting, who is handling casting larger roles on the film. They don’t use the title Teen Spirit, but the dates don’t lineup with any other big projects shooting in the area and Kenyon-Wells is confirmed to be working on Dark Phoenix.


This could be really anyone such as Fred Dukes, Cain Marko or even someone new created just for the film. However, the role is specified as a “supporting role” and this likely means they’ll have a decent amount screen time and usually it means Fox is pulling from the comic roster. There was a nod to an adult Dukes in X-Men: Apocalypse but the franchise isn’t always known to stick to film canon.

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Deadpool 2 could very well add Marko aka The Juggernaut as one of the villains, as his criminal partner Black Tom Cassidy is said to the film’s main villain. Giving audiences a taste of his cosmic origins via the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak in Dark Phoenix wouldn’t be shocking if they’re using the Shi’ar. Might as well go all-in on the X-Men’s weird stuff.

The incredible energies of the Ruby can cause anyone that comes in contact with it to transform into Cyttorak’s Exemplar, the Juggernaut, a literally unstoppable individual. The Juggernaut possesses immense strength and stamina, and does not have the need to eat or breathe. The single weak spot is the Juggernaut’s mind, but to shield him from any mental attacks, his armor’s helmet is shielded against psychic attacks.

Bryan Singer had originally intended to add Cain to the cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past, the actor eyed for the role was Josh Helman. He ended up playing a young William Stryker instead.

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The only problem with thinking this might be Marko, is that he was portrayed as Xavier’s bully stepbrother in the comics. Then again, they made Raven sweet and his stepsister, anything is possible.

It could also be Guido Carosella aka Strong Guy, which could mean X-Factor is on it’s way. He first appeared in the pages of New Mutants. Since he’s an actual hero the role description might make more sense.

If this is either Dukes or Marko, combined with the possibility of a young Rogue being played by Alexa Swinton (Billions). This could mean a younger version of Mystique’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is being setup which hasn’t actually been rebooted/retconned. Originally, Rogue was a full-fledged villain of the Brotherhood before putting her villainous past behind her. This is purely our own speculation at this point but if The Brotherhood makes a return in some form it would be fine with us.

A big thanks to @THGDistrict3 for bringing this to our attention last night.

Dark Phoenix shoots this summer in Montreal with a release date of November 2nd, 2018.


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