‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Character Breakdowns Might Confirm Young Rogue

Jun 16, 2017


X-Men: Dark Phoenix will begin shooting very soon and 20th Century Fox finally announced that Simon Kinberg will be directing along with the return of cast members. The confirmed cast includes Sophie Turner, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp, Nicholas Hoult, and

We’ve also learned this week that Jessica Chastain is up for the role of Shi’ar Empress Lilandra, confirming our previous story that the film would introduce the aliens to the franchise.

Yesterday, our friends over at ThatHashtagShow got ahold of a bunch of character descriptions (possibly from new casting calls making the rounds) for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, confirming four new characters Omega Underground had previously uncovered via audition tapes/casting calls.

Omega Underground’s finds included the “lead” role of Shane (Rarmian Newton), Marie (Alexa Swinton), Hoover (Toby Huss), and the final one we uncovered but didn’t have a character name which is now revealed as Hamilton.

Marie is seemingly a young version of Rogue as we’ve suggested previously and the site also comes to that conclusion as well. Her origins started out as one of Mystique‘s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants with Raven posing as her mother. This could explain the return of Jennifer Lawrence as her character doesn’t really play a big role in the Phoenix Saga, perhaps we’ll see her gather up her own team of young mutants.

UPDATED [MARIE]Female 6 years old (to play 6 or younger). Caucasian. An old soul trapped in a little girl’s body. Marie is a strong but conflicted child who does not like to share her feelings. There’s something a bit eerie and haunted about her. MUST be able to show a wide array of emotions with ease. SUPPORTING

[HOOVER]Male. 30s-40s. Open to all ethnicities. A man with a very strong presence, Hoover is an incredibly smart and ultra serious intelligence officer. SUPPORTING

[SHANE] Male, 16, actor must be an adult (18 or over or legally emancipated minor), Caucasian.  A cocky, handsome kid with swagger. He is strong and doesn’t back down easily, so he can come off as an insensitive bully at times…LEAD

[HAMILTON] Male, 12 years old, open to all ethnicities. Chubby, sweet, innocent and genuine.  Although he frequently gets picked on, he never lets it get to him …SUPPORTING

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However, they have a slew of new supporting ones as well. While they had some idea who they were, I think they’re under the impression a bulk of them are going to be Earthbound characters which is not exactly the case.

[HIROSHI] Male, Early- Mid 20s, Japanese, brash Tokyo punk kid with an attitude. Although Hiroshi is young, he can command the attention of a room and is always ready for a fight. Must be able to speak English fluently, but open to an accent (could be Japanese, British…)…LEAD. We are looking for an actor who is actually Japanese for this role.

They conclude that Hiroshi could be Japanese mutant Shiro Yoshida aka Sunfire and we have to agree. This most likely is the role that South Korean singer/actor Rain (Ninja Assassin) is said to have passed on.

[SCARLET] Female. 20s. Open to all ethnicities. Very beautiful and fit. She is powerful and never backs down from an argument. Role requires a good deal of action/movement. Actresses with major dance, parkour, gymnastics or martial arts training are a huge plus. Should not be afraid of heights and must be comfortable in a wire harness. *Please note specifics of training on submission. SUPPORTING

Scarlet to me sounds like Starjammer team member Hepzibah. Her powers include enhanced agility, speed, reflexes, coordination, balance, retractable claws, hyper-keen senses, mind/mood-altering pheromones, and night vision. Don’t get distracted by things like “wirework” and “heights”, most action-heavy roles in the X-Men universe use extensive wires and this doesn’t automatically lead us to believe this means flight.

There have been rumblings that Starjammers could make their debut in the film, as they’ve been aligned with the Shi’ar before. Considering their leader is Cyclops’ biological father Corsair giving Scott something to do in this film character-wise besides giving goo-goo eyes to Jean sounds about right to us.

[BRITTANY]Female 18 to play younger (15-17) Caucasian. Very attractive, charismatic and confident. Possibly a bit edgy with a fiery personality, Brittany is a born entertainer. Strong singing skills are a plus, but not mandatory. SUPPORTING

Hashtag believes this is Alison Blaire aka Dazzler and we have to agree with them on this one as well.

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Here are the rest of the characters that are out to actors currently.

[COLIN] Male, 16, actor must be an adult (18 or over or legally emancipated minor),  Caucasian. Handsome, but not arrogant. Always willing to help a friend in need no matter what it costs him. Although he is sensitive, he is not a pushover and will stand up for what he believes…LEAD

[PRESIDENT ANDERSON] Male or Female, 50s-60s, open to all ethnicities. A powerful, strong and positive leader with a commanding presence and voice. An honest leader and good role model, they are truly committed to making the world a better place. When pushed, they know they must make difficult decisions to keep the people safe…SUPPORTING

[REDMOND] Male, 50s-Early 60s, open to all ethnicities.  An affluent, big, stocky, ruddy American. Not necessarily fit, just physically imposing. Powerful, arrogant and blunt, Redmond is not used to being challenged and steamrolls anyone who opposes him…SUPPORTING

[LUCCA] Male, 40s-50s. Brazilian. Ruthless and cunning, will stop at nothing to get what he wants.  Must be able to speak English fluently, but can have an accent…SUPPORTING

[JACK] Male, Late 40s-Early 50s, British, open to all ethnicities. Handsome, charismatic and masculine. Jack is very self assured, almost cocky, but too cool to show it. Even in the most tense situations, he never shows fear…SUPPORTING

[LUNA] Female, Mid-Late 20s, open to all ethnicities. Beautiful, could possibly have a severe look. Luna is intense and exudes a sense of power. Although she is a commanding presence, she is also slightly unhinged….SUPPORTING

[WILLIAM] Male, Early 50s, Caucasian.  A grounded, earnest middle-aged man. William carries a heaviness and a deep sense of sadness with him…SUPPORTING

[DR. CLARK] Female, 40s-60s, open to all ethnicities. Grounded and professional, she specializes in working with children. Dr. Clark has years of experience, and it takes a lot to disturb her…SUPPORTING

[CHARLOTTE] Female, Early-Mid 30s, Caucasian. A caring, warm mother.  Charlotte can be stern at times, but she just wants what is best for her child…SUPPORTING


Dark Phoenix is expected to begin production later this month in Montreal with the release date of November 2nd, 2018.




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