‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Director Gavin Hood Admits Mistakes Were Made

Mar 13, 2016


X-Men Origins: Wolverine director Gavin Hood had previously kept mum on his experiences working on the film. During the Miami Dade College’s Miami International Film Festival where his latest Eye In The Sky was being shown, Gavin revealed during the Q&A via Indiewire his feelings on Origins.

The film ultimately became something else, Hood said. The reasons for it were plethora, including having to deal with stunt casting, a second unit director who didn’t match his style (“I felt the action looked like ‘80s action”), and the writers’ strike that left the director with an unfinished script and facing a looming, fixed release date.  He felt he had little control. Characters like Gambit and Deadpool were written in, and even the title was changed on him, which Jackman broke to him after the actor stumbled across the change on IMDb.

“I’m very grateful because I managed to buy a house off that film, so don’t get me wrong,” he said at one point. “I own the mistakes I made. I learned a great deal, but I hope that the film tonight is more in my wheel house. If you don’t like the film, you can tell me after. I come back for Q&A, and I have no one to blame. It comes from working with a writer who I loved, prepping it with producers who really wanted to make the same movie, and that’s the Hollywood story.”

The production problems were notorious on the shoot with meddlesome producer Tom Rothman the biggest culprit. There have been stories about how Rothman would have Hood’s sets rebuilt without his knowledge and Fox executives calling a majority of the creative shots, due to the writer’s strike.

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A nightmare for anyone attempting to come into a project with a vision or stylistic/creative ideas.

Worst of all, an unfinished version of the film leaked online and the final film’s digital effects didn’t seem to very polished in comparison.

X-Men: Origins: Wolverine - Opening Credits [Edited] from Balthazar Ruster on Vimeo.

There were a handful of decent memorable moments from Origins including the introduction with Victor and Logan fighting in different wars, by the end of the film you had wished they made that movie instead.

Luckily, The Wolverine made-up for a lot of those earlier mistakes and we’re expecting Wolverine 3: Old Man Logan will be better than both.



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