Yelena Belova Rumored to Appear in New Hawkeye Series

Dec 1, 2020


The upcoming Hawkeye series coming to Disney+ will have a familiar face according to The Direct. Florence Pugh is set to play Yelena Belova again.

While many are left wondering what the mass extinction that is the MCU has in its future and production has been halted on just about everything, we have a light. Jeremy Renner tweeted fitness teases that let everyone know that he is ready for some action.

The series, set to start production last summer, will follow Clint Barton training his replacement Kate Bishop. Yelena, sister to Natasha, is rumored to be playing some part is Kate’s training and will sport a Ronin inspired suit. Will she take on the Ronin mantle in the series before moving on to become Black Widow?

Source: MCU Direct

What Our Discord Had to Say

I’ve usually been a big fan of the non-mainstream characters in lots of things I’m excited to see what they can do with Hawkeye! Of course, you’ll probably hear some people say some kind of misogynistic thing about how we got to go with a female for Hawkeye now, but those people can just shove something up their orifices LOL I’m very concerned about where the MCU is going to go but I haven’t formed a good theory yet.

Chris Scott

I am one of probably a few Clint fans, and I’m not happy how he and other seasoned characters may never get their due in the MCU. I’m old so I know Clint for what he represented to the Avengers redemption. Him, Vision, and Wanda set the tone that anyone could possibly be an Avenger. Plus, Kate and her generation also highlight that there is a generation who will never get their due save Parker. There is a slew of young heroes fallen by the wayside.

B Ferg

I’m interested to see what they do and open to it. As far as the new school taking up mantles for the old, I do really like Clint though and hope to see him get some more time now that he won’t be as overshadowed by the rest of the Avengers. Also, Hawkeye’s comic run from Fraction were one of my favorites.


I’m down, I just really hope they take inspo from Fraction’s run too. I need Lucky the Pizza Dog.

Matthew Mobley

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