Young Justice: Outsiders Episodes 4-6 Review

Jan 11, 2019


Young Justice: Outsiders
DC Universe

Season 3, Episodes 4-6

Young Justice has been off to a great start with its first three episodes and their momentum isn’t slowing down with the next three. With these three episodes, we get awesome time with Dick Grayson as he teams up with the Harper family for a security gig. This could’ve been just a one-off but instead helps move Dick forward with what he wants to do in terms of helping people. Halo and Brion are given a big focus as the new characters and they try to learn how to use their abilities. We get an introduction to Forager and the planet New Genesis. The events on New Genesis also opens up another plot that will heavily involve Miss Martian which is the last thing the team could use given with what they’re already dealing with at home.

We finally get to see some characters from last season such as Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Blue Beetle, Static Shock, and we also get a small introduction of Traci 13. All of the action scenes are a ton of fun to watch as we see how well everyone can work together. Halo is becoming a loveable character and Connor here has a chance to help Brion with his anger problems which can lead to some great growth for both of them. Miss Martian comes off as a very natural leader and she’s still has a lot of charm with that urge to always help others in need. We’re really seeing the building block being put together here to assemble the Outsiders but the cost is having members from last season take a back seat for a few episodes. The biggest completion we get out of these episodes is Dick finally coming to terms on what he needs to do to accomplish the goals that he has set for himself. With this many characters, its natural to feel others are being left behind but the scenarios are definitely getting very big and it will take a big team for them to take down all involved with the metahuman trafficking and intergalactic battles.

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Young Justice continues to run strong as each episode has just been such a thrill to watch. With its large cast of characters and huge plots to fight through, it’s exciting to watch as a team is being built here and the intensity keeps rising.  The show will leave you hungry for more to see where they will go next and anxious as we’re given quite a tease on the latest episode and it’s quite something big that comic book fans will get really excited for.

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