Did The Snyder Fans Rig Oscar Voting to be taken more seriously?

May 13, 2022

As if the 2022 Oscars had not already had a tremendous amount of scrutiny around them, a new report coming from The Wrap is suggesting that the “Fan Favorite” and best “Cheer moment,” were rigged by automated Twitter Bots.

Leading up to the March 27th Ceremony, polls were put out for fans to vote on their favorite movie moment and best picture. A couple of reports from a hashtag analytic tracker called TweetBinder, revealed that the most votes cast were by automated online bots. These “Bots” Cast thousands and thousands of votes for one director’s work in particular.

The Stans

Director Zack Snyder has amassed one of the most loyal fan bases the movie community has seen in many years, and with social media at their disposal, these “Fanatics” can and will do whatever, to make the rest of the world see what they see.

Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021) Via HBOmax/WarnerMedia
Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) Via HBOmax/WarnerMedia

The OScar Anomalies

Polling for these fan categories had very strange anomalies in the voting patterns. Massive single-day spikes in activity, for instance, The Wrap reports that on February 27th votes jumped from around 4,000-15,000 daily to 2,500. The Wrap reached out to Telescope who ran the voting polls for these Oscar categories and a rep for Zack Snyder declined to comment on the news.

Director Zack Snyder- Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice
Director Zack Snyder- Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice premiere.

“Army Of the Dead” And “Zack Snyders Justice League” took both categories, leading to the fanbase declaring Zack Snyder, an Oscar-Winning filmmaker, which of course has a ring to it, but in reality, is not true. The Academy is standing behind its poll, claiming, the survey only allowed each Twitter handle to cast up to 20 votes, and did not allow accounts that were less than 24 hours old, to vote.

Army Of The Dead(2021) Via Netflix
Army Of The Dead(2021) Via Netflix

Does any of this even matter? Probably not. However, it does go to show you how far a certain fanbase will go to be taken seriously. Their goal is for Zack Snyder to return and continue the story he began with Man of Steel. All while he has seemingly moved on to bigger and better things with the streaming service Netflix. Working on Projects like Rebel Moon, and the sequel to Army of the Dead.

The Diehards fought back after these reports debuted, making a mockery of the claims. However, it’s apparent that some of the people in this fandom will, and have gone too far on several occasions, using Zack’s Films as a catalyst. It is not the first, and surely will not be the last.