Zombie Zoo Animals in Outbreak: The Hunger (Book Review)

Aug 4, 2015

Outbreak: The Hunger

Written by: Scott Shoyer
Published by: Severed Press

The genre I tend to gravitate to most is horror. So just seeing the cover of this book and the title made me pick it up and give it a shot. What a great decision I made. Scott Shoyer took the usual zombie style book and did a complete three-sixty degree turn and came up with a rather unique twist.

What happens when three buddies liberate animals from a research facility in Texas? Well as a matter of fact quite a lot; especially when those animals are part of a military secret project! That’s where Scott threw in the twist to this zombie story. The animals are the infected ones. Now imagine that these animals made there way to a zoo or maybe even a Animal Shelter. Well stop imaging and go pick up this book.


We get to see this story unfold from two different perspectives. The first one is a father who’s with his daughter as they enact a yearly tradition of going to the zoo. Some of my favorite parts of this book take place here. Your worst fears come true when animals escape from their cages and start to roam and hunt the visitors. It’s like watching a show on Animal Planet. Instead of tigers hunting down unsuspecting prey in the wilderness, its humans caught in a gift shop or even on the fun train ride that explores the zoo. The second perspective we get is from the military soldiers who are trying to corral the animals that are loose, as well as keep the other animals locked up in the research facility. This is where we get the origin story to the virus and why the virus was created.

The author Scott Shoyer has a great and creative mind. Beyond that he has a flare for gore and blood. He must have great terrifying dreams. Like the title of one of AC/DC songs “If You Want Blood ( You Got It )”. Well there is plenty of it in this book. He is very descriptive and you can just feel the pain these visitors go through as various animals of the zoo decapitate a human being or even rip and tear a throat apart in mere seconds.

With a great surprise ending and with two more books in the works of this story, I highly recommend you to pick this book up now so you will be ready for more to come!

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