12 Monkeys: Daughters, Demons and TWISTS, OH MY!

Jul 1, 2018

12 Monkeys

Season 4, Episodes 7-9 

12 Monkeys never cease to amaze me. Whether it’s through its incredible storytelling, unforgettable characters or time-traveling adventures 12 Monkeys remains as fresh, engaging and pulse-pounding as ever. These last three episodes, DAUGHTERS, DEMONS and ONE MORE MINUTE, only accentuate that as we head closer and closer to the final episodes. We saw Hannah venture out on her final journey, Team Splinter heads back to medieval times to retrieve the weapon that could potentially put a stop to Olivia’s master plan, said goodbye to a favorite traveler and witnessed (no pun intended) one of the biggest twists this show has ever given us, in a setting that also pays homage to the film 12 Monkeys and the short film this is all based on, La Jetee.

With limited time to explain so many things, the 12 Monkeys writers did a fantastic job to juxtapose the lives of Katarina and Olivia’s DAUGHTERS, Hannah and Emma. Hannah sent to live a life, she never had, while also gathering information on Cole’s mom. Emma sent to help complete, Titan, her mother’s sinister time travel weapon. Both, struggling with their worlds. While Hannah and Emma are going through their own trials and tribulations their mothers are in a battle of wits on Titan. Olivia, as sinister as ever, is doing everything she can to learn, from Jones, where team splinter is headed to find the weapon that could destroy her. Even going as far as replaying her killing Hannah repeatedly until Jones finally breaks.

I think learning about what happened to Olivia’s daughter added another layer to this sinister villain and showed that no matter who you are, whether it be a mother, brother or daughter, in the end, you are just a pawn that the witness is going to use to achieve her goal. But, what made Emma’s story so interesting was the reveal that she used the name Marion Woods in 2009. The same name as Coles mother (more on that later).

When Deacon brings Jones back to her cell she reveals to him that it was all a plan to give Olivia the info, so they could piggyback the machine to Titan and follow them back to 1491. But, she had to learn how Olivia works. However, during Olivia’s attempt to break Jones she revealed that Deacon was double-crossing the mad titan. Leaving Deacons life now in danger.

Sandwiched between these incredible episodes is the real meat of the three. In DEMONS everyone goes back to 1491to retrieve a weapon, built for James Cole. A weapon that will help him destroy the witness, Olivia, as the prophecy goes. It’s a race against time as we discover that primaries are responsible and protective, in 1491, of the weapon. But, Olivia has a primary of her own and he’s leading her straight the weapon as well.

This episode had hints of Game of Thrones to it. Not only because of it taking place in medieval times but for how brutal it is. Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. The one we don’t want to talk about. The death of Deacon. The #ScavKing. I think we all knew this was inevitable for Deacon after he double-crossed Olivia. She was true to her word when she told Jones she was going to kill him. But, he didn’t go down without a few choice words for the witness. Staying true to his character to the very end. But, his sacrifice was not in vain as he was able to buy Cole enough time for him to get a mobile splinter pack sent to him which allowed him to save, Cassie, Jennifer, and Jones. But, they were unable to get the weapon which turned out to be a splinter machine itself. Hmm…

ONE MORE MINUTE is an outstanding episode that brings things full circle for our characters in several ways. After deciphering Jennifer’s drawing and recognizing the dates and what they mean Cassie and Cole find themselves on a familiar mission. It’s discovered that the symbols reveal all of the times Cole splintered through time, except for one date. The date that the virus was released on, their original mission.

Meanwhile, Hannah still on the run, with Emma, reveals to her that she knows who she is. It’s here that Emma tells Hannah that she used the name, Marion Woods. The name of Cole’s mother. Hannah tells her that she is going to be the mother of James Cole. Which seems impossible to Emma since she hasn’t met Cole’s father, yet.

During this final season one thing that has been floating around in my head has been if they would in some way reference the final scene of La Jetee and 12 Monkeys since they both play out the same way with the main character, as a child, watching his adult self, his future self, die in front of him. A time loop of sorts (sound familiar?). Since the show has veered from the original story and manifested into something even greater recreating this exact same scene would be very difficult and wouldn’t make sense in the context of what’s currently going on in the show.

But, alas, not only do they reference the airport scene from both movies, but they use it to reveal the biggest twist the show has ever given us. Just as Cassie and Cole are set to release the virus that will set in a motion a plan to finally stop Titan, Olivia starts taking control of people all around the airport to stop Cassie and Cole. Funny how the roles have switched here, right? Just as Olivia attempts to use airport security to shoot Cole Hannah runs in and sacrifices herself for his sake. And in this moment, its revealed that she is his mother. Not Olivia’s daughter, it was always Hannah. I really appreciated this decision. On one hand, you could say that making Olivia’s arch nemesis her grandson was a good twist. But, on the other, you have this now added emotional layer to not just Cole and Hanna but Cole and Katarina. This makes their connection even deeper and stronger than before and explains how back in season 1 Katarina knew that as soon as she saw Cole she knew he was the one that was going to complete her mission.

But, it’s also the way that Hannah explains how she came to meet Cole’s father that is very touching and emotional. As Hannah says, its very much a love story. How brilliant of the writers to make this move, covering up the plot hole, allowing it to make sense and bringing everything back around that’s connects these characters even more than it did before. BRAVO!

But, beyond everything we learned in this last episode, we learn that Cole is the demon in the story that he heard as a child. TWIST!

These three episodes were nothing short of spectacular and I look forward to having my mind blown with the two-part series finale.


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