16 Characters We Want To See In Injustice 2

Jun 13, 2016

One of my favorite games of the last generation was Injustice from Nether Realm Studios. The game featured all of our favorite DC characters duking it out for supremacy. Nothing made me happier than picking up the controller and selecting my favorite DC hero or villain to fight the others in a one-on-one war of super powers. As a life long comic book fan, anytime I get to play with my favorite characters in a video game I jump at the chance and Injustice was no exception. Thanks to its deep roster and obvious infatuation with the DC universe and its players, Injustice has now become my favorite fighting game of all time. So you can only image my excitement when Nether Realm Studios announced their sequel Injustice 2.

Naturally the moment the announcement was made and we saw our first glimpse of Injustice 2, my mind began swirling with potential characters I would love to see included. So without further adieu and in no particular order here are 16 CHARACTERS WE WANT TO SEE IN INJUSTICE 2.

1. Swamp Thing

swamp 1

A character I am surprised didn’t make it into the first Injustice, Swamp Thing, who seems like a natural choice. The behemoth and powerful ruler of the green created by Len Wein and Berni Wrightson would be a great tank style character with the power to manipulate plant life. A powerful hero or misunderstood villain, Swamp Thing gives Injustice the chance to grow beyond the typical super hero types. Of course Poison Ivy may work here as well, but Swamp Thing deserves the opportunity to shine beyond the pages of comics and a couple terrible TV movies.

Swamp Thing would be slow and lumbering  but still a formidable foe as he controls all plant life on the planet. With the introduction of customization and armor into Injustice 2, I would love to see Swamp Thing create these out of himself and the life around him. A tormented soul with nothing but love in his heart, Swamp Thing can be the monstrous Captain Planet of Injustice 2. A fan favorite and a fun character Swamp Thing seems ripe for the picking.

2. Doctor Fate


The one unfortunate thing about the first Injustice roster was its lack of magical characters outside of Shazam. In fact, if you didn’t purchase the Zatanna DLC you may have never even seen magic enter your Injustice game. So if there is one thing Injustice 2 needs to do, its bring in more magic and although Zatanna is a great character, Doctor Fate seems to have all the right tricks to be included in the Injustice sequel. Created by Gardner Fox and Howard Sherman the moniker of Doctor Fate is handed down to whomever wears the helmet of Nabu the Wise, so technically this character could be male or female and has been both in the comics.

While many of my peers at GWW would have me put Constantine here instead, I argue that while he comes with the quips and magical powers, Constantine lacks the visual aesthetic needed to fit within the Injustice game. Doctor Fate not only looks bad-ass with that sleek, helmet and flowing cape but his powers manifest in a visually impressive way, displaying large glowing Egyptian hieroglyphs. Doctor Fate would not only be a powerful fighter in the Injustice game but a visually striking one, with each spell being a beautiful display of color, light and history.

*Thanks to a t-shirt, it appears Dr. Fate may be as good as confirmed.

3. Firestorm


Firestorm is created when Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein combine body and mind to become the fiery superhero. First appearing in Firestorm, The Nuclear Man #1 by Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom, the character has steadily grown in popularity, and is now featured as a regular on the CW TV show Legends of Tomorrow. This makes this normally obscure character that much more viable as not only DC fans will be familiar with the characters.

If his newly found popularity isn’t enough, Firestorm has a cool power-set that includes flight, fire and the ability to manipulate atoms at the molecular level. This is a guy who can turn lead into Kryptonite with just a touch, image what he could do in a one on one throw down with the Man of Steel.

4. The Comedian


Now, I know what your thinking, but thanks to the recent events in DC Comics Rebirth, it appears The Watchmen may actually become official DC canon. So why not include their most recognizable member in Injustice 2? Eddie Blake was created by Alan Moore and is a life-long vigilante. A sick and twisted mix between The Punisher and the Joker, The Comedian is the central figure of the Watchman universe and would be an inspired choice to include in Injustice 2.

Like Batman, The Comedian doesn’t have super powers, but makes up for it with a heavy arsenal and itchy trigger finger. The Comedian would play much like a Deathstroke in Injustice 1 but would be a shocking inclusion for fans.

5. Metamorpho 


I guarantee Metamorpho is a character most not many DC fans have never heard of, but he seems like the perfect fit for a super hero fighting game. Created by Bob Haney, Metamorpho has been a part of the Doom Patrol and Metal Men, so not exactly DC’s most popular teams. But with a power-set that allows him to form elemental compounds and mold them to his will, Metamorpho has a wide variety of combat options.

Much like Super Skrull in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Metamorpho can also manipulate his body to form different states of matter or create weapons via his limbs. Including Metamorpho in Injustice 2 is definitely about more functionality than popularity but I still attest that his unique powers make him a perfect choice for the Injustice sequel.

6. Grail


Okay so this one is really for current DC comic book readers as Grail is a brand new creation from Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok. The daughter of Darkseid and the Amazonian assassin Myrina, Grail is a powerful new villain who is capable of taking down the entire Justice League. Being the daughter of a God and Amazon, Grail’s power set rivals Superman’s with Superhuman everything, advanced hand-to-hand combat, Omega Beams, and the ability to use magic. Grail also adds another powerful female to the rooster which, lets be honest we can never have enough of those.

Grail would be a very bold entry into Injustice 2 as she is a brand new character that will have a lot to do moving forward in DC comics so why not start including her in other mediums too, plus with her grey skin and punk rock hair style, she just looks all kinds of bad-ass.

7. Cheetah


Wonder Woman’s arch-nemeses Cheetah would be a furious fighter in Injustice 2. William Moulton Marston and H. G. Peter created one of the few characters that can stand toe to tow with the Amazonian princess. Possessing superhuman strength and speed, Cheetah would be a fast moving, hand to hand orientated character that could leap around the screen with grace and agility.

Visually she may not be the most stunning character as she basically looks like a member of the musical Cats, but I am sure the team and Nether Realm Studios could do something visually interesting with the character. She is so iconic and connected to Wonder Woman it seems like a huge snub to not have her included in the sequel.

8. Mongul


Ruler of Warworld and Conqueror of the Galaxy Mongul is one of DC’s most powerful and feared villains. A towering figure who could rival the like of Darkseid, Mongul posses and immense threat to any adversary. No one knows exactly how powerful Mongul is but he posses strength and invulnerability that even the Man of Steele can’t match.

Not only is Mongul super strong and almost impossible to kill, but he comes with a barrage of weapons at his disposal. From heat vision, to a chest cannon and even a Death Star-esque super weapon, Mongul could enter the Injustice arena with an unimaginable amount of fire power. Image calling down your SUPER and having Warworld unleash its barrage of plant destroying power upon your feeble opponent.

9. Static


Another character a lot of us expected to see in the first Injustice game was Static (p.s his name is not Static Shock, that was just the name of the cartoon). Created by the late great Dwayne McDuffie and his crew at Milestone Comics, Static is teen superhero Virgil Ovid Hawkins. With the ability to control electrical fields Static became extremely popular with comic fans, thanks to the earlier mentioned TV show.

Hovering with style on his signature metal disc, surrounded by bolts of electricity, Static has a very 90’s style that will fit right at home in Injustice 2. While he has the right look, he also has the power to boot, as Electrical manipulation has yet to feature in the Injustice game and what better way to introduce this power-set than through the fast talking, fan favorite Static.

10. Captain Cold


I know what you are going to say, the first Injustice feature Killer Frost who has a very similar power set to Captain Cold, thus not making him a unique addition. Well, this one is just for me. Captain Cold is one of my favorite DC villains, as I just love everything about him. From his blue and white hoodie, to the classic cold gun and his thief’s code, every time Captain Cold appears in comics or TV it is all I can do to contain my excitement.

Unfortunately Captain Cold would be limited in his power and move set as he can’t really do much outside of using his cold gun, but hey, it works for Sub-Zero right? As I said this one is more of a personal favorite, I mean just think, we would probably get a Wentworth Miller skin. I’m squealing with excitement just thinking about it.

*Captain Cold has been all but confirmed thanks to the t-shirt we mentioned earlier

11. Mister Terrific


Who better than to add to DC’s premiere fighting game than perfection personified in the form of Mister Terrific. A superstar athlete, expert martial artists with the mind of a genius, Mister Terrific is the perfect trifecta to be a major threat in Injustice 2.  Created by Charles Reizenstein and Hal Sharp Mister Terrific was a key member of the Justice Society of America and is now portrayed by actor Echo Kellum on the hit show Arrow. 

Even though Mister Terrific is an obscure character I think there is one particular reason he would be a great addition to Injustice 2, the T-Spheres. These technological marvels follow Mister Terrific where ever he goes and give the ability to create holograms, project beams of light, release electric charges, and make Mister Terrific invisible. Its the perfect power set for a game like Injustice. A diverse character that combines the athletic prowess of Captain America and gadgetry of Iron Man, Mister Terrific is, well, a terrific choice for Injustice 2.

12. King Shark


Originally a villain of Superboy, King Shark was created by Karl Kesel. Nanaue is a humanoid shark so already he is a visually stunning and has an impressive figure that would make an awesome addition to Injustice 2. With the powers of a shark, King Shark could attack our heroes with biting attacks using this furious jaws.

With enhanced strength, endurance and the ability to regenerate tissue, King Shark could easily take down our DC heroes in a one-on-one face off. Another great part about King Shark is his awesome plethora of character designs, giving him a ton of skin options. My personal favorite is the Hammer Head as I have always been fond of this particular shark ever sense I was a wee boy. King Shark is another large, lumbering, beast but with a unique design and power-set I think he would make waves in Injustice 2.

13. Silver Banshee


A sonic charged villainess, Silver Banshee has tormented Superman since the late 80s. John Byrne introduced Siobhan McDougal, a Gaelic heiress who was pulled into the netherworld and granted powers by an entity called “The Crone,” in exchange for a book that belonged to her father. On her quest, Silver Banchee slaughtered anyone in her way and quickly made enemies with the Big Blue.

Silver Banshee would bring an impressive power-set to Injustice 2, most notably her Hypersonic scream, which resembles Black Canary but is slightly more powerful as she also has the ability to teleport and let’s not forget, the superhuman speed and durability. Silver Banshee would offer Injustice 2 a dark, tormented character, with a bleak Dia de los Muertos design. While some might prefer Black Canary as their sonic powered pick, I honestly feel Silver Banshee packs the same punch in a much cooler design, and I would be surprised if this character has already made the band.

14. Beast Boy


Another character that seems like a “no duh” choice is the Teen Titan’s very own, Beast Boy. Garfield Martk “Gar” Logan first appeared in Doom Patrol #99 and was created by Arnold Drake and Bob Brown, but most are probably familiar with Beast Boy thanks to cartoons like Young Justice and more importantly Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go. While his cartoon persona is playful and bombastic, he does have a savage streak that would make be powerful player in Injustice 2.

Beast Boy’s abilities make him an instinctual choice for Injustice 2. Having the ability to morph into any animal he sees, Beast Boy presents a lot of creative opportunities for the Nether Realm team. The potential for Beast Boy is literally endless as no animal including Dinosaurs are off the table. The cool thing about Beast Boy’s powers is there are no limits, so his Super could potentially be prehistorically epic.

15. Midnighter


If you didn’t think Batman was brutal enough, then Midnighter is the guy for you. Midnighter is a character that could only have come from the minds of Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch. A member of the Authority and one of the more famous homosexual heroes The Midnighter would add a certain gravitas and brutality to Injustice 2 that few other characters could bring. Although, Midnighter is somewhat similar to Batman, he has two major differences that set him apart from the Caped Crusader and Bat-family; he has super human abilities, and a pension for killing his enemies.

Being the product of Bio-engineering, the Midnighter brings some unique abilities to the Injustice arena. Along with typical superhuman, strength, speed, and durability, Midnighter also possess a super computer combat brain, that allows him to predict and react to combat instantly and with brutal precision. This would allow Midnighter to be somewhat of a mimic in Injustice in that he could copy or counter the fighting style of any combatant. Midnighter would be a cool way to introduce a street level DC hero that isn’t a member of the Bat-family, plus how great would it be to see him giving his husband, Apollo a good bye kiss before he enters the action.

16. Mister Bloom


You really didn’t think I was going to reach the end of this list and not include a Batman character did you? I know it’s probably not one you were expecting but  if I didn’t include at least one Batman character on this list I don’t think I could live with myself. So in the spirit of diversity and trying to think outside the box, let me present Mister Bloom. Planted by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo in there newly completed Batman run, Mister Bloom is a dangerous, dastardly new villain whom is as creepy as he is deadly.

Mister Bloom can really bring the villainy to Injustice as his long slender frame and razor sharp fingers would be a horrific site for any opponent. Not only does Bloom up the creep factor of Injustice but his abilities would make for some interesting game play options. As I mentioned above Bloom has razor sharp claws, his weapon of choice for impaling his enemies. He can also stretch and grow his body allowing him to become a giant or elastic, this would give him some awesome fight abilities few other heroes could match. Mister Bloom is without a doubt a character that should take root in Injustice 2.

*Honorable Mentions: I really wanted to add these two especially since the Suicide Squad movie is coming but, alas space was limited so, for honorable mentions I would like to introduce Katana and Captain Boomerang.

As always we want to hear from you. What characters would you like to see in Injustice 2?

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