362 Days trapped underground in “Day 362” (Book Review)

Sep 4, 2015

Day 362

Written by: Mark D. Campbell
Published by: Permuted Press

Day 362 just short of a full calendar year. That is the exact number of days in which this book takes place. This is a story that will really make you think. Maybe even question our current political leaders in Washington D.C.! With an election year coming upon us, that makes this is a must read. It made me wonder how Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump would react to a huge catastrophic event? As a matter of fact – could anyone in Washington D.C., Republican, Democrat, or Independent handle the pressure?

The story starts off when our President and other high ranking officials are thrown into a very dramatic event. All communications are down and their top priority is to secure everyone in the White House in the underground bunker. After all the dust settles we are left with some Marines, Secret Service Agents, Government Officials and of course the President of the United States. This is where the story really takes off. It will be more of a psychological horror from here until the end. Now don’t get me wrong there are some great gore scenes in Day 362, but in my opinion this book plays more with the mind of the reader. It also plays with the minds of all these characters who are in this underground bunker. Imagine being stuck in a bunker with limited food and water. Now throw in the mind set of several individuals after having been down there a few months. Sometimes the voices inside their heads start up and just don’t stop. I will not say anything else because I want you to experience the book as I did – by going in blind. Believe me it’s worth it in the end!

Mark Campbell did a great job of bringing this story alive within my mind. I absolutely loved it. If Alfred Hitchcock were alive today I could see him turning this book into a feature film. Mark did a great job getting me into the mindset of the characters. His descriptions of the underground bunker and its surroundings are just phenomenal. Think twice before you vote – this could happen at any moment. God Bless America!!!


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Or can be found at Permuted Press.

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