5 Trailers From Sony’s Paris Games Week Conference That Blew Me Away

Oct 28, 2015


You don’t have to be a PlayStation fanboy to recognize the greatness that has been consistently coming to the PS4. Even when there aren’t many new exclusives available at this time of year, Sony has found a way (again) to get me excited about the horizon of PlayStation games. Sony puts on a great show, and at Paris Games Week, that was certainly the case again.

Whether it was showing games for the upcoming PlayStation VR virtual reality headset or introducing a new character in Street Fighter V, I was consistently blown away. So I thought I’d share with you 5 of these beauties that got my PlayStation juices flowing.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League

Set in 2065, this title has you taking control of giant mechanical RIGS and pits you against players from around the world. These RIGS are blazing fast, can even fly, and as if they want enough, can shoot lasers and rockets. But what has me most excited is that title is being developed and specifically tailored to a VR experience on the PlayStation VR. You had me at the mechanized flying bazooka-shooting RIG. Now it’s in VR?? Stop it Sony. My heart can’t take it.

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Gran Turismo Sport

The Gran Turismo series has raked in a ton of awards over the years. The teams at Polyphony and FIA have partnered together to bring that one-of-kind racing experience that offer realistic racing and visuals, along with the welcomed accessibility. That’s great because, unless I get to thow a turtle shell at my opponents, I generally suck at racing games. GT always changes my fortunes and it looks like I can be hopeful about this title.

Horizon Zero Dawn

We’ve known about Guerrilla Games’ new title for several months now, but we haven’t had the opportunity to see as much gameplay as we got to see at Paris Games Week. Senior Producer Mark Norris walks us through some of the RPG elements of HZD, and even allowed us to see how combat will work. Watch as Aloy takes down a herd of machine/animal hybrids. I was particularly fascinated by how detailed this encounter was  and how calculated I’ll have to be to survive this world. In addition, these creatures are terrifying, so I’m giving Guerrilla some major props for accomplishing these feats.

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Detroit: Become Human

We’ve been wondering what developer Quantic Dream was up to. To no one’s surprise, it looks like the PS4 will get another game that pushes the tech of the PS4 and offers an interesting premise - an AI that is grappling with a world in tumultuous chaos. Unfortunately, that’s all we really know at this time. But this trailer accomplishes everything it needs to build proper understanding of the game’s setting and premise.  I see hands of an open world and tons of character interaction.

Gravity Rush 2

I was initially disappointed in Sony’s decision to develop this game for the PS4 rather than the PS Vita, as its predecessor was. But after seeing this trailer and getting more of an idea of the scope of this game, I’ll admit it: I’m looking forward to Kat’s latest adventure on the PS4. Gravity Rush 2’s world looks beautiful and massive, while its combat appears to be fast-paced and quite literally a blast. I cannot wait for this game.

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