A Beginner Guide on Obtaining New CS:GO Skins For Free

Feb 9, 2023

Nowadays, every CS:GO player has at least a couple of skins in his inventory. But, clearly, not every beginner is up to depositing his funds to paint his in-game guns. Luckily, spending your money to get skin is unnecessary in 2023.

We have created a list of four effective ways to get free skin in 2023. Once you finish this article, you will know exactly what to do to boost your inventory with a couple of skins for nothing. 

Get CS Go skins for free.

Case-Opening Sites’ Promotions

On the net, you can find countless websites offering you case openings. Those platforms are not connected to Valve and attract customers with their own cases and unique features like case battles or skin upgrades. But what they also do to find new clients is introduce bonuses and promotions with a chance to get free CS:GO skins.

Some websites will want you to make a couple of deposits to give you a free skin, while others give it away just for creating an account on their platform. But before doing that, ensure that you’ve inspected the requirements for withdrawing the skin from the website.

Talking about the value of free skins you can get from such promotions, they are not top-tier. Still, even an insignificant skin can become a good addition to your collection, or you can sell it if you don’t like it.

In-Game Drops 

CS:GO has a special drop system that gives random in-game items to players after their matches. This system has no distinct algorithm for operating, but we know exactly one thing: you have a higher chance of getting an in-game item if you haven’t gotten it in a while. But, considering that we have an opportunity to get an item after each game, you can increase your chances by playing more matches. 

As an in-game drop, you can get almost any item:

  • Skins of any price (you can even get an item worth hundreds of dollars if you get lucky);
  • Containers;
  • Stickers.

But don’t think that if you get a non-skin item, you are screwed. New cases can often be sold on the trade market for a couple of dollars, which you can later turn into a skin you like; the same rule applies to stickers.

CS:GO Operations 

From time to time, Valve introduces CS:GO operations. Those are events that bring new maps, cases, and skins to the game. It is important to say that the operation pass costs around $15, and you can get access to it without the pass. But don’t get upset too quickly as the operation can give you much more money than you spend.

By doing special operations missions, you get stars that can be traded into skins or cases. At the beginning of the operation, both new skins and cases have soaring prices, and if you get them, your profit will be crazy.

So it is recommended to quickly get an operation pass as soon as it is available and rush in to complete missions. Once you get any skin or the operation case, quickly sell it and return to the grind. If you follow that strategy, the $15 you’ve spent will pay off, and you will get some extra free funds that you can spend on desired skins.

It is also important to mention that this method doesn’t rely on randomness like the previous ones. So this is one of the efficient ways of getting new free skins.

Online Surveys and Other Activities

If you are not afraid of minor online tasks, this method will work fine. To make it work, you will need to find an online website that offers you to do little tasks, giving you points in exchange. Later, when you get a sufficient amount of points, you can spend them on CS:GO items like cases or skins.

If you are wondering what are the tasks you will be given, they usually include the following:

  • Watching videos;
  • Completing various surveys;
  • Playing and testing browser games; 
  • Installing and testing mobile games.

Each of those tasks takes very little of your time and can be done by any internet user. Still, it is quite a specific way of obtaining free CS:GO skins, as it requires you to do non-related CS:GO tasks. But if you are not afraid to spend your time on that, knowing that you will get skins in the end, go ahead. 


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