A GWW Exclusive Project-Nerd Publishing Reveals A New Cover For THE LIST

Sep 8, 2016

You may remember Project-Nerd Publishing from their appearance on the GWW Capes Crew Podcast. And now Project-Nerd Publishing makes a triumphant return to GWW giving us an EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK and a breathtaking new cover for The List!

Project-Nerd Publishing is pleased to share our new cover for the highly anticipated North American release of The List.

A killer stalks the streets.
 He speaks of bearing the New Commandments.
Of a visit from an Angel.
Of being God’s chosen Messenger.
Of a reunion in Heaven with his dead parents, with whom he speaks.

His past is of no consequence. His future is bent singularly toward the completion of his quest. And he must not fail lest he lose his promised place in God’s House.

Could all he claims be true? Could he indeed be the bearer of God’s New Commandments? Or is it all simply the imaginings of a madman?

Written by Paul Bedford, The List also features pencils by Henry Popiena and inks by Tom Bonin. The three work together to create a dark and mesmerizing story that will frighten the hell out of you without cheap gimmicks.

For the first time ever, the graphic novel will be released with brand new cover art from menton3 (Memory Collectors, X-Files, Transfusion, The Fly, Zombies vs Robots Adventure). menton3 is well known for his dark and haunting artistic style, matching the tone of The List perfectly.


The List will be available in both digital ($10) and hard copy ($15) on October 5th.

You can pre-order The List at http://pnpublishing.storenvy.com/products/17784218-the-list-graphic-novel

You can learn more about The List and all the great Project-Nerd Publishing titles at www.pnpublishing.com!

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