A Hero’s Last Crusade in “Lake of Fire” #5 (REVIEW)

Dec 20, 2016

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Lake of Fire #5
Image Comics

Written, Lettered and Colored by: Nathan Fairbairn
Illustrated by: Matt Smith

Bernadette is in the hands of a mad monk who is desperate to kill the young heretic. Fosse has rescued his young son from the alien lair and he and the rest of the band are making their way towards freedom as the alien horde continues their pursuit. Sir Raymond makes the fateful decision to give the others time to escape by making one final stand against the bulk of the alien forces as the Lake of Fire begins to consume the alien ship. As Sir Raymond faces the greatest of the alien forces in combat, the rest of the party must face down the aliens that have surrounded the ship as all of them turn to their faith to see them through the day.

Nathan Fairbairn has crafted a solid, satisfying conclusion to this tale of 13th century knights vs aliens. The story is able to blend both medieval action and science fiction exceedingly well and the artwork by Matt Smith enhances the story by showing brutal detail and sweeping backgrounds. There are some cliché story beats, but they don’t take too much away from the overall satisfaction of the conclusion. Overall, Lake of Fire is a great story with a conclusion that is heroic and tragic.

Lake of Fire #5 is a satisfying conclusion to a story should not have worked conceptually, but does in this instance. The plot is fast paced and full of action and the artwork shows a brutal beauty that is visually stunning.

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