A Little Golf Journey (REVIEW)

Oct 18, 2021

A Little Golf Journey
By: okidokico

A Little Golf Journey brings a zen-like atmosphere from the stunning visuals, ease of play, and soothing soundtrack. From gaming studio Okidokico, they bring relaxation and chill vibes so you can get lost in a golf journey.  A Little Golf Journey is available to play on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

A Little Golf Journey doesn’t hide what it is or is trying to do. When starting the game, the tutorial helps you get accustomed to the different playing mechanics. It holds the player’s hands while instructing them on how to play the game, going over many aspects.


The gameplay is where A Little Golf Journey truly shines. The levels are short and fun, with uniquely themed visuals for each chapter and accompanying music. The courses themself are all different and unique, which makes the player play each hole differently. 

To pass each chapter, the player must have a certain amount of stars. The star system is based on what the par is for the level. Getting the hang of the mechanics takes patience and a few replays of the round when starting. From there, it is a treat to get lost in the visuals and zen atmosphere as you progress. 

Another aspect of the game is the secrets hidden in random levels. These secrets expand the game and open up secret paths or ways to get more stars. Sometimes these secrets are apparent and easy to find, while others involve some searching of the level. Even though it is not enforced, it is highly recommended to extend your gaming experience. 

As with many indie games, the standout feature is the music. It is an original soundtrack composed by Haakon Davidsen. Each level has a unique feature that the music lines up with how many shots or stars you have left.

Unfortunately, as much peace is placed in the game, there are a few flaws and issues. After a few rounds and progressing through the chapters, it starts to get repetitive. As much as the visuals and colors distract you, it does become noticeable after a bit. 

The hitting mechanics can get wonky and distorted if too much power and accuracy corrections are made. These issues become apparent when hitting the ball between trees, from a hazard, or a specific spot. 

Final Thoughts on A Little Golf Journey

Overall A Little Golf Journey is a fun, enjoyable game. It has many replayable features, but it can become dull and repetitive after a while, especially if you don’t have enough stars to advance an area. 

It isn’t a game for die-hard golf fanatics but for players who want to chill and vibe while hitting a few rounds. 

Score: 7

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