A Man Among Ye # 1 (REVIEW)

Jun 17, 2020


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The dark tones of the cover of the first pages sets the tone for this first issue of Image Comics A Man Among Ye. We are after all dealing with pirates. And while varied and numerous their tales are most are often the same. They are as deep and treacherous as the caverns and holes which they place their treasures, and this comic would be no different. The smart choice in lead character saves this tale from depths of the deep.

A Man Among Ye # 1
Image/Top Cow

Written by: Stephanie Phillips
Art by: Craig Cermak
Colors by: Brittany Pezzillo
Letters by: Troy Peteri


The setting being the Caribbean in 1720, Brittany Pezzillo is able to offset the vastness of blue sea with brilliant pink hues of daybreak. Opening on a raid on one of the King’s vessels we meet the captain of the pirate crew. Unfortunately pirate captain is one of those characters that seem to only be able to be written two ways. They are charming with wit and humor, like a Jack Sparrow. Or they are cold and cruel. Stephanie Phillips wisely uses the former in Calico Jack Rackham, although it wouldn’t matter as the captain is not the star of this comic. Rather as the title indicates it is a female pirate

The Co. Ye Keep

Anne has found herself the only female aboard the Kingston. Our introduction to her sees a character that clearly belongs in this life. Craig Cermak brings forth a stunning visual as we see her atop the ship mast. I see Anne as a mix of Red Sonja and Black Widow. Her actions in saving Jack’s life from a sneak attack are our first indications to this woman’s place to her captain.

As the star of A Man Among Ye, Anne does not disappoint. Her fiery personality makes her a dominate presence on the Kingston. The tension among the crew and how Anne handles it are just enough to keep me interested. As a result of this continued attacks on ships, Jack and his crew have an enemy in the Governor. Clearly mutany is aboard the Kingston. A stowaway provides a hint at how Anne may have to question her loyalty to her crew or her code.