A Town Called Terror #1: Image Comics Review

Apr 5, 2022

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Syzmon Kudranski’s style is reason enough to give this title a look, never mind the fact Steve Niles is writing the series. There’s an epic nature to everything Kudranski draws, playing very well to the horror genre. And while black and white doesn’t always play well, he’s mastered it — which elevates the first chapter of A Town Called Terror.

Image Comics
Written by: Steve Niles
Art by: Syzmon Kudranski
Letters by: Scott O. Brown and Marshall Dillon

Also, Kudranski’s use of shadows and smoke play a big role in setting the tone. Both play different roles, too. The smoke plays into the story’s general eeriness, while the shadows give A Town Called Terror a classic-movie vibe. They help set the tone for the story while also separating it from the other horror stories in comics.

As for the plotting, Niles only gives readers so much in the first issue. He certainly creates a level of intrigue — even with what we learn in just the first few pages. As the story goes along, we only get a few bits of information that help readers understand the world they’ve entered.

There’s still a lot to learn about A Town Called Terror’s main characters and the setting, but the vagueness paired with Kudranski’s art style provide a strong start to the series. Definitely circling back for the second issue.

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