Alien Cube PC Review

Jan 10, 2022


The Alien Cube
Developer: Alessandro Guzzo
Publisher: Alessandro Guzzo
October 14, 2021

Discover terrifying secrets as you follow your uncle’s disappearance, and confront a terrible truth that will change your life forever in this cosmic horror first-person adventure.”

It’s been quite some time since I’ve played a game with an in-depth storyline, and elaborate graphics to match. Lately, it’s just been me playing Minecraft on peaceful, but this was truly something else. Now, I personally have never read any Lovecraft (yet), but this game was lovingly compared to his works… so color me intrigued!

The Story

The story itself is engrossing. The twists aren’t distracting and don’t feel like it was the creator trying to stretch out a story or to increase gameplay time. It’s set up in chapters. If you die, you don’t have to start at the beginning, just at the start of said chapter. And you know me, I’m royalty when it comes to dying unnecessarily, and frequently, in games.

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The Graphics

The graphics are also quite impressive. They’re not completely realistic but have just enough realism to immerse you in the world of this game. Graphics aren’t normally a problem for me, especially since old-style graphics are making a comeback. The graphics here were very well rendered and added a lot of atmosphere.

Tormented by nightmarish visions, you will need to embark on a journey to find out the truth and survive the darkness that is haunting you.”

I haven’t found the truth… yet. I’m still hunting! But so far, the story of our protagonist is very interesting and is quick to suck you in. The titled “alien cube” is shown early on, which leads the main character down this dark and twisted path. Now, it’s a path I’m still forging, but man, oh man, is it an exciting one.

I highly recommend this game for veterans and newbies alike. It is story-driven rather than ability-based, so anyone can sit down to enjoy this.

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