All for one! – The Musketeers Season 2 Review

Mar 29, 2015


Now people like all kinds of different types of programs. Some are fans of action, some enjoy dramatic story-lines, while others prefer some humor. What if I said I could give you all of those in one, would you be interested? If so… step back into 17th century France and join me in the world created by Alexandre Dumas; join in with the adventures of The Musketeers.

As I sit here after watching the 2nd season finale I wanted to share with you my enjoyment of this period drama which, in my opinion, has been well presented and after a slow start has finally gained popularity in the UK.

Brought to us in Britain by the BBC, this period drama enters you into the court of King Louis of France, and focuses on his ever loyal soldiers and bodyguards, the musketeers, led by Captain Treville and charged with protecting King and country.

We follow the adventures of Treville’s best soldiers, Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D’Artagnan as they put their bodies and souls on the line for the protection of all they hold dear. Romance, sword fights, gunfights, betrayal, fear, joy and love. All of this is present in every episode, so what more could you want!?


The characters.

Athos (played by Tom Burke), while not the captain, he is obviously the leader of these four men and someone who they look up to for guidance during their missions. Not to mention he’s damn good with a sword. Porthos (Howard Charles) is strong, bull-headed and fiery, but loyal to his friends and good in a fight. Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) is the charming, handsome womanizer, but with a rifle there is no better shot. Last, but not least, we have the newcomer D’Artagnan (Luke Pasqualino) who has much to learn and is quick to jump in, but can back himself up with the sword.

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Now these are the main people week in and out, but the rest of the cast are just as important to the storyline and the series would be lost without this talented group. Hugo Speer, Ryan Gage, and even new Dr Who, Peter Capaldi add depth to the show, but my favorite out of these has to be Madame Constance Bonacieux played by Tamla Kari. Her character shows dignity, strength and loyalty to her friends at every turn while always speaking her mind, and she’s not one to underestimate. Oh and it’s not just because she’s from the same neck of the woods as me… honest!



As I mentioned, we have reached the end of the 2nd season and what an end we had.

Constance being rescued from the executioner’s sword by D’Artagnan, Athos and Captain Treville. Aramis being held for treason against the King and Porthos trying to prove that Rochefort was in league with the Spanish. This episode had everything in it I mentioned previously! Sword fights, love, agony and a happy ending of sorts with D’Artagnan finally making his love for Constance official (warned you of spoilers).

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The way The Musketeers has been produced not only takes you in with the interaction of the characters, it also has a great feel, with the costumes and scenery really making you feel like you’re in 1630’s France, even though it is filmed in the Czech Republic. We have taken a journey with this group that has involved many twists and turns. They’ve been beaten, accused of treason, shot and stabbed, but they’ve also shared joy, humor and love of all things, including wine and women.

I look forward to the next season, hoping that it continues with its variety of story-lines that make it such an interesting watch, while developing the lives of these 4 men who are more like brothers than friends. Proving that together they are all for one, and one for all.

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