Amazing Spider-Man: Daily Bugle #2 (Review)

Feb 26, 2020

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Amazing Spider-Man: Daily Bugle #2
Marvel Comics 

Written by: Mat Johnson
Penciling by: Mack Chater, Francesco Mobili, Dono Sánchez-Almara & Protobunker
Coloring by: Pete Pantazis
Lettering by: VC’s Joe Caramagna

Spider-Man has always been one of my favorite superheroes and one of my favorite comic books to read. The second issue of this story arc does not disappoint. We get to see our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is doing what he does best, catching bad guys. From there a mystery rises and the comic book does a very good job of keeping that mystery all the way to the end of the issue. I personally loved this comic book. The jokes that Spider-Man cracks were funny. The mystery that I mentioned earlier is kept a mystery all the way through. The way the book makes fun of influencers towards the end is hilarious.

This book has a lot going for it and I loved that it all feels very personal and the stakes are not world ending. I’m excited to see where the story goes next. My only complaint is that I wish I had seen more of Spider-Man in this issue, but the few pages that we get with him are great to keep this comic very entertaining. The cliffhanger at the end, without spoiling anything, is awesome. It gives you just enough to keep you wanting more. Too bad we have to wait till March to see what’s going to happen next. 


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