‘Annabelle 3’ Hires ‘The Curse of La Llorona’ Cinematographer Michael Burgress

Sep 5, 2018

Back in July, it was announced by producer James Wan and New Line Cinema that Conjuring Universe screenwriter Gary Dauberman would be making his directorial debut on Annabelle 3.

Gary’s screenwriting credits consist of now all three Annabelle movies, IT, IT: Chapter 2, and The Nun.

Omega Underground revealed not too long ago they plan on starting filming in fall (possibly October) in Los Angeles, California.

We’ve learned that they’ve now started assembling their crew as cinematographer Michael Burgress has been hired.

Burgress worked on The Nun‘s extensive reshoots along with additional photography for Aquaman and Avengers (the shawarma scene). He most recently worked on the upcoming New Line Cinema horror film The Curse of La Llorona from director Michael Chaves.

ThatHashtagShow recently revealed that the story would revolve around the Warrens’ household but would have their daughter Judy and a pair of babysitter’s deal with the Annabelle doll instead of the parents.

Annabelle 3 centers around Judy being left home with a pair of babysitters, taking the Warrens and their vast experience, out of the picture. Teenage babysitters Mary Ellen Jones and Denise Fuller took a bad job, as explained by the film’s logline: Mary Ellen and her friend Denise spend a quiet evening babysitting Judy until their encounter with the Annabelle doll causes the evening to take a dark turn. 

Warner Bros. has set Annabelle 3’s release date for July 3rd, 2019.