Dec 12, 2016

The Fab Five is back. No not that college basketball team from Michigan. I am talking about the thrash metal band known as Anthrax. I was first introduced to Anthrax back in 1985 when Spreading The Disease came out. I believed I played that cassette tape so much that the ribbon broke. Now thirty two years later I still love that album and most of the ten other studio albums that they have released. Only two albums during the John Bush era have left me unsatisfied. John is a great singer but his voice is more tailored to Armored Saint then Anthrax.

For All Kings is the newest collaboration for the boys from New York. Right from the first track You Gotta Believe you are once again reminded how great Anthrax was and still is. Charlie Benante’s creative and dynamic drumming will have you banging your head in no time flat. With Joey Belladonna’s powerful and energetic vocals you can still see why this band has been at the top of metal monarchy for years and years to come.

However with every high point comes a low one. Good thing only two songs of the thirteen on the album have let me down a little bit (Breathing Lightning and This Battle Chose Us). These songs feel like they were made for the radio stations who ignore thrash metal bands. I do think they would play great live with crowd participation. As the album closes out with Zero Tolerance we are greeted with the hardest and fastest song from the boys on this album. My favorite song on For All Kings and maybe even in my top ten all time favorites from this tremendous band. I can just picture Scott Ian charging across the stage like a rhino with his trademark goatee swinging back and forth. This is album is a must buy to add to your collection. Once again Anthrax delivers!!! Horns Up!!


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