April’s Loot Crate has everything you need to begin your Quest

May 3, 2016


What is Loot Crate?
Loot Crate is a monthly mystery subscription box catered to Geeks and Fans of pop culture. Inside each box includes awesome and often exclusive items such as collectibles, t-shirts, toys and more. For the price of 13.95 a month plus $6 shipping and handling, you guaranteed to get $45+ value in every crate.

This month’s theme is QUEST and contains items from:



  • Labyrinth T-Shirt
  • Harry Potter Socks
  • Uncharted 4 Poster
  • LootCrate Quest #LootPin
  • 20-sided dice Ice Mold
  • Vikings Horn

First of all, I love the shirt included which features Sarah and the Goblin King from the classic cult-favorite film, Labyrinth. RIP David Bowie.

The Exclusive D20 Ice Mold is an interesting addition to this month’s crate. It’s made exclusively from Loot Crate Labs. I haven’t used it yet but I’ll have to update this with a photo once I do. From the LootCrate magazine,”Perfect for making any beverage an adventure”.

This month’s crate also included an exclusive Vikings Drinking Horn with a strap included from Chronicle Collectibles. This horn is a replica from the Vikings TV series currently airing on the History Channel. (It’s also recently been renewed for a 5th season).

The pin included comes in the shape of a shield. The pin unlocks a rare companion to accompany you on your journey in Neverwinter. To redeem the DLC, just head over to lootcrate.com/pins. There is also a special golden variant pin, I scored the regular one though.

There is an awesome Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End poster from Sony Playstation included. The poster has a silhouette of Nathan Drake and in front of him there is text that reads “I Am a Man of Fortune and Must Seek My Fortune”. We don’t own a Playstation, and I personally have never played the series but I have heard great things about the series. It’s also a very cool poster. We may have to give it away on GWW’s Twitter soon.

Finally, my favorite item, as I am a huge Harry Potter fan, is the pair of Harry Potter socks which features each of Voldemort’s Horcruxes.

Another pleasant surprise, as I was going through the LootCrate Magazine that was included, was a photo of my son building a Fort with previous Loot boxes featured on their “Featured Looters” section. Thanks Loot Crate for that inclusion.

This month’s crate contained another solid amount of geeky goods. May’s “Power” theme has already been revealed and it will contain items from Marvel, Warcraft and Dragon Ball Z. Don’t forget to sign up before the 19th to receive that crate.



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