Arkham City Harley Quinn Costume Review

Sep 1, 2014

Mad Cave Studios


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IMGP5020 (265x520)Halloween is just around the corner and that means that I get to make my wife dress up as my favorite comic book characters. As I have been a lifetime Batman fan and huge fan of the Arkham video game franchise this year, we thought we would try the Arkham City Harley Quinn outfit from Normally when we pick costumes we look for something that will be comfortable and easy to wear in both social settings and trick or treating with the little one. This basic outfit fits all of our costume criteria as it is simple, easily worn and shows just enough skin.

The Arkham City Harley Quinn costume is both sexy and practical without being too revealing or inappropriate for that family party or stroll around the block. The best thing straight out of the bag about this costume was its extreme likeness to the actual outfit from the Arkham City video game. Normally costumes at this price ($50-$65) are merely plastic replicas of their licensed counterparts. Although this costume isn’t quite up to cosplay or movie standards it would certainly turn heads at the neighborhood party.

The Costume is 100% polyester and offering a tight form fitting look that really helps to sell the look of the character. As I am not the one who wore the outfit the next bit comes from my wife who was gracious enough to be my model. She stated that the costume itself fit very well but the top was a little “floaty” and didn’t accentuate her chest as she would have liked. The material itself was comfortable and manageable; it is easily something she could wear all night. The accessories which included a choker, glovelettes, and belt, only helped to really sell the look, although the belt fit looser than she desired.IMGP5024 (520x460)

As you can see in the pictures below the transformation to Harley Quinn is uncanny. The costume is a really well done replica that would even make the Dark Knight himself do a double take. When finding costumes for my wife it’s usually a lot of hemming and hawing until she finds something that she is “okay with.” This costume on the other hand was a different story as it made her feel confident, sexy and ready for October. The make-up and hair really sell the ensemble but it’s the costume that makes it complete. If you’re prowling the streets of Gotham this Halloween be on the lookout for this Harely Quinn to steal your heart and wallet.

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