At the Hall of Justice….

Jan 14, 2013


Greetings Summoners, it’s been a while since I wrote on this game and after being coaxed by George (a guest on podcast 64) to revisit the League I have been at the keyboard seemingly everyday since. Thanks George! My LoLprevious experience was good and for those of you whom have played you know that with time any game, especially one like League of Legends, changes. Since back I have seen numerous new champions and some small gameplay changes. What I like most about coming back to League is not any of these, it is the new community.

Let me back up by saying part of the reason I left was because I was tired of being hounded by “pro’s” in what I would call casual but competitive multiplayer. I grew tired of the word noob and the various slurs that plastered the screen. Since then, Riot Games has implemented a system and subsystems that encourage players to be “nice” while at the table. A language filter has been added. Cross chat between teams no longer happens and you can congratulate each other or the other team through the “Honor System”. Which lets you award players with “honorable”, “teamwork”, “helpful” or “friendly”. And in your profile it keeps track and displays your score in each area.

On top of that they remind players with tangible feedback like “players whom speak negatively to teammates lose 18% more match’s” I really like that because it is true. You are rude, someone leaves or you just stop playing as a team in a team driven game and a reasonable % of the time you will lose more often than a team that works together. This so far is the first attempt by a game company that I am familiar with to rid the airwaves and screen of “smack talk” by the young and immature people that play many of them. Being in my 30s now I appreciate being able to play in a more mature arena and reward other players that share my view on gaming and the typical social problems that come with online anything!

What I am trying to say is, I am back into the League. It’s free to play, competitive, gives you room to customize your heroes and features a place LoLSkillTto purchase account upgrades and champions. It’s a sweet deal with no strings attached and is updated consistently to ensure easy of use. Give it a try, who knows, maybe George or I will run into you. Leave a comment and we can share account info and set up a game.


“It’s only fun.. when they run” – Warwick


– Matt